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Introducing the Zen One: the swaddle that finally takes the guesswork out of bedtime 

Every new mom has been there: up at all hours of the night, bloodshot eyes, rocking her baby and one-handed-Googling 'how to get my baby to sleep” trying to figure out what exactly this tiny human needs. 

Almost ten years ago, I was in the same situation—guessing at what my baby needed to sleep peacefully at night. As a second-time mom, I thought I knew exactly what my son would need to drift off to sleep (his brother could easily sleep through the night with a simple swaddle), but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

It was my second son’s sleep issues that lead me to start Nested Bean and create the world's first gently weighted swaddle to help mothers everywhere extend the soothing benefits of their touch long after they lay their child down to bed. Not only did his challenges falling asleep and staying asleep inspire me to provide other families with better-designed sleepwear, but it also made me realize something else: no two babies' sleep preferences are the same. 

Finding a safe, easy solution that meets a baby's preferences at one month and at six months shouldn’t be hard, but it is. Families spend countless hours and so much money looking for the perfect solution for their baby, only to find out their sleep preference has changed weeks or even days later. There simply wasn’t a swaddle available that provides the comfort and flexibility a baby needs throughout the dynamic and ever-changing first six months of their life - until now. 

After 2 years of development, speaking with thousands of moms and hearing the sleep struggles they face in their homes, we are excited to announce today the Zen One™, our first lightly weighted, fully convertible swaddle. A complete solution unlike anything currently available, Zen One not only brings the proven benefits of our patented gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ to a new design, but also gives parents the flexibility to customize the swaddle’s fit to meet their baby’s specific sleep preferences: arms down, in, one in/one out, or arms free. The Zen One is a universal swaddle option that adapts to your baby’s changing sleep preferences, cutting out the need to have multiple swaddles throughout infancy by providing an all-in-one solution.

In the first six months of life, babies develop incredibly fast - and so do their sleep patterns. They need sleepwear that works with their bodies’ natural startle reflex to ensure they can sleep comfortably and safely. The Zen One introduces thoughtful features that make it feel as if it was specifically designed for your baby. With an inner secure band, removable mesh sleeves, and 2-way zipper, Zen One offers every swaddling option, without being overly complicated.

Zen One is perfect for every type of sleeper, from day one to six months old:

  • Newborns: Most babies sleep best securely swaddled, especially during the first few months when startle reflex is at its strongest. With the inner armband, parents can easily give their child the support they need to sleep securely throughout the night without having to be a master origami artist to get it snug. The added benefit of an easy, two-way zipper also makes changing diapers in the middle of the night easier than ever. Plus, the mesh sleeves ensure your baby stays the perfect temperature all night long.
  • Active sleepers: If your baby is constantly breaking their arms free of their swaddle, but still needs the secure feeling a swaddle provides, Zen One’s breathable mesh sleeves will give your baby some wiggle room while the secure inner band and gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ provide the soothing benefits of a full swaddle throughout the night. If your baby finds the most comfort somewhere in between, one or both mesh sleeves can be removed to accommodate one arm in, one arm out sleepers. The secure band can be wrapped around baby’s tummy, or used to keep one arm down. 
  • Transitioning babies: Easily transition from arms in or one arm in, one arm out to arms free for babies who want full range of movement by simply removing the mesh sleeves. The secure band and gently weighted Cuddle Pads provide continuous comfort while your baby gets used to sleeping completely unswaddled, which means the Zen One has you covered from birth to rolling over. 

Zen One provides families with a swaddle option that puts their babies’ needs first. Whether you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little one and have no idea how they will prefer to sleep, or have seen for yourself how quickly your baby’s sleep patterns change and need a product that can keep up, the Zen One has you covered. 

At Nested Bean, we understand the importance of healthy sleep and know that it’s not just about helping your baby fall asleep faster, but also ensuring they have better quality sleep and wake up healthy and well-rested. All of our products feature gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ that calms and soothes your baby all night as if you were placing your hand on the baby’s chest. With improved sleep seen in just 1-3 nights of use, the Zen Sleepwear line is trusted by over half a million parents across the United States to help their babies sleep.

Manasi Gangan

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