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A Mother's Day Note

Hey mamas, 

Almost 8 weeks into the new norm and we seem to have found a relatively stable routine. It has been anything but easy—but we did it. And that’ what mother’s do, isn’t it? As moms we are enablers. We don’t keep our experiences to ourselves. We communicate. We weather the first blow. We help adapt and create a positive change. We rise to every challenge.

The job of a new mom is not easy, filled with uncertainty as we try to protect the safety and well-being of what is most precious. There are so many firsts to learn. And today’s circumstances have taken those firsts to a different level. But if my experiences are any proof, I know that you will find strength to cope that you never knew existed. Trust your instinct, your gut. 

And when we all look back on this, I hope we remember it as the time when families showed more togetherness than they ever have. When the first experiences of being a new mom, took a whole different meaning.  When experienced moms found themselves learning new firsts, that they never thought they would have to. A time when your community rose to support you. When you figured out a your own unique way. A time when you found out what you were really made of. A year when Mother’s Day was spent at home with a happy and healthy family—and that was the best gift you’ve ever received.

Manasi and her sons

As mothers it is so easy to burn out as we instinctively put our loved ones needs above our own. So whether it’s your first Mother’s Day or your 20th—I hope you take just a little time today to reflect on how you are holding it together, despite it all, and give yourself big pat on the back. You've got this.

To all of you. To each one of you. You are all amazing. My warmest wishes on Mother’s Day.

- Manasi

Manasi Gangan

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