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Nested Bean's Thanksgiving Journey

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – it holds no religious bias and welcomes everyone. A holiday centered around spending time with your most loved and expressing gratitude over warm food. Another reason this holiday is extra special and deeply personal, is that my younger son was born on Thanksgiving Day.

Around this time I always reflect on the past few years of starting Nested Bean...
Succeeding as a young company needs three elements, unwavering belief in your vision, courage to endure through all challenges and endless support from those who surround you. I am thankful to the universe for showering me with these elements in abundance.

To our customers, I am thankful for your love and support. You inspire us to innovate, learn and improve. I am most moved by the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in your lives. I will believe in the vision of our company for as long as we genuinely uphold the promise to serve your needs in the best way we can.

One particular customer's story has stayed with me to this day. She wrote that after her baby went through cranial surgery she was unable to hold him due to the medical apparatus. Imagine a mother’s agony at not being able to hold and comfort her sick baby! When she used the Zen Swaddle and saw her baby being comforted by it, she found solace that it was mimicking the comfort of her arms. I hope her son is doing well now and thriving. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Your story encourages me immensely and gives me purpose.

Today I am also thankful for the love and support from my family, as well as support from members of the Nested Bean family. Believing in the vision of a startup takes a different kind of faith. I thank you all for your trust in me and  in our vision. I thank you for your tireless efforts to help us realize this vision, without which this vision would but only be a dream.

It is also a time for contemplation, of what the future holds…
As we have advanced each step new connections have emerged, becoming a part of our story. I look forward to the new connections we will make in the coming year and thank life in advance, for letting us share a part of our journey with them. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Manasi Gangan

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