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It's A Genius Idea

Zen Swaddle Review

"As you well know, sleep and I have recently been separated thanks to night time feedings every two to three hours. When Nested Bean asked me if I wanted to review their swaddle I jumped at any opportunity to possible get more sleep. Meet our Zen Swaddle, the huge upgrade to the one I made a few weeks ago.

Here's what I love about it...

The material is lightweight and perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. It is really good quality fabric. I love the cute print and the little details, like the chick. There is a little pouch inside the bigger outside swaddle. This is perfect for newborns or itty bitty's. It lets you use the swaddle longer. My little man is a little too long for the little pouch so I just put him in the big pouch.

I also love that the soft part of the Velcro is this huge square. Makes it even easier to swaddle especially for daddy.

If your little one hates having his or her arms constrained like mine, you can swaddle them with their arms free. Look at him freaking out until realizing he is free to move. I have to bribe him with milk at bedtime to get him to keep his arms inside.

Did I mention it is lightly weighted!? That's probably my favorite part and let me tell you why....

He may be cute, but this little man hates being put down. He loves being carried. He's so different than his big sister. I never really had this problem with her. As long as she was fed and warm, you could put her down. That's why I love that this swaddle is weighted.

There are these little beads inside the chick and on the sides to give the feeling that's someone is holding you. I have washed the swaddle twice already and it hasn't affected the weights at all. It actually washes really well.

It's a genius idea and it may not work for every baby but it works for this little mama's boy, especially at night.... because at night is when the real fun begins. We are routine kind of parents so both kiddos in bed by 8 [at least that's the goal it usually means 8:30]. We like to have time to ourselves. My husband usually has little miss all tucked in on time. I on the other hand am still rocking, singing, patting this little one to sleep. No joke after he is fed, held and rocked I try to lay him down [when he hits that deep sleep] and within minutes he starts stirring until he's eventually awake. Darn you startle reflex. It was really frustrating the first few nights.

So when I got the swaddle the light bulb came on. Now I swaddle him up, begin our bedtime feeding and it's worked! Yup that's him sleeping in his crib, all by himself, without being held, wrapped in his swaddle, with my shirt next to him so he thinks I'm right there. Tough little cookie. It cut my usually 45-50 minute bedtime feeding and getting him down to sleep to just a 20 minute feeding. I don't even have to wait for him to hit that deep sleep. I didn't get the two extra hours of sleep like the box says but I can say he sleeps much more peacefully in this swaddle [even over the one I made him]. I think the weights really help and make the difference.

The only thing I don't like is that in the middle of the night it is such a pain to change his diaper [but that's with any swaddle]. I can see why this swaddle costs as much as it does and it is definitely worth the money, but it could get pricey if you buy two. I would really like two because when one is in the wash I'm paralyzed. Other than that I would highly recommend this swaddle especially if you have a tough cookie. "

- Patty Mullen, Mom of Two, Make it Cozee

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