A Must-Have in Your Toolbox Posted on 23 Feb 14:54

As the Lead Sleep Consultant of The Baby Sleep Site®, which has helped more families solve their unique sleep problems than many others, I am always on the lookout for the most helpful sleep products that I can recommend to our tired parents.

I can recommend the Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack without reservation because they are designed with two things most parents seek in products for their little ones’ safe and restful sleep – quality and care.  

After working with thousands of parents to improve sleep for their families, I know that swaddled babies sleep longer and sounder, and a swaddle like the Zen lets moms rest easy without worrying about dangerously loose blankets in bed with baby.

The lightly weighted pads can mimic your touch to help your baby feel secure and comforted through the night and sleep in longer stretches.  In addition, keeping a baby’s body temperature regulated is so important for better sleep and Nested Bean products do just that.

One of the best parts of this design (and my personal favorite feature!) is that once your baby is ready to wean from the swaddle, the design lets you do it in a gentle and gradual way, which is what we’d recommend to our clients.

The Zen Swaddle and Zen Sacks are must-haves in your parenting toolbox!

 - Nicole Johnson, President, The Baby Sleep Site®