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6 Biggest Nursery Trends for Spring 2017

Are preparing for your little one's arrival? Take a peek at what's trending in nursery decor this spring! 

Bold and Beautiful

Make a statement with bold graphics. The simplicity of black and white patterns allows you to mix and match as you please. Stars and polka dots. Stripes and X’s. Triangles and zig zags. You’ll be seeing graphic pillows, play rugs, and crib sheets with thick, fun patterns like these everywhere this spring.

You can check out some must have’s from our Minimalist Nursery Inspiration that are perfect for this look, like these black heart crib sheets and this shag rug.  

Pair with: A Lovestruck or Pearl White Zen Swaddle, a Grey Zen Sack and this printable Winnie the Pooh quote.

Sweet Stuff

Show off your sweet tooth in the nursery space. A pastel color pallet lends itself well to sweets like ice cream, candy, sprinkles, and donuts. You’ll see these trends outside the nursery too – clothing, home décor, and even pool floats are all taking the shape of these sweet treats! The theme is colorful and summery, making a bright and happy sanctuary for your little one.

A couple things you need for your sweet stuff theme: Ice Cream Palette Tiny Triangle wall Decals, Sprinkle Crib Sheets, and this Donut Poster.

Pair with: A Pearl White Zen Swaddle or Soft Pink Zen Sack and this funny IScream onesie.

Shimmer & Shine

You might not think that a baby nursery is the place for metal accents, but metallic is all the rage right now for everywhere in the home – from the kitchen to the living room to the nursery! You probably already buy everything you possibly can in rose gold- which pairs perfectly with a pastel color scheme. Think light pinks and corals, mint green, baby blues, whites and greys. Gold, rose, gold and silver can all fit together in the same room too!

A great place to start is with the crib. Our favorites are the Larkin Gold Crib from the Land of Nod and the this Willa Crib in Bronze. Also add the metallic elements in as the small details. These metallic heart wall decals are cute and simple and metal monogram letters are a great accent piece above the crib or changing table. Picture frames, door/dresser knobs, and lamps/lighting fixtures are other items you can use to bring more metallic and metal into the room.

Pair With: Our classic Pearl White or Stardust Grey, Blue, or Pink Zen Swaddles or Zen Sacks.

Au Natural

Earlier this year, Woodland and Mountain themed nurseries probably took over your Pinterest feed. But as we head into the warmer months, you’ll see Mother Nature find her place in the nursery in a new way. If you’re a self-proclaimed “Plant Lady” (or Plant Man) then this trend will be right up your alley. The All Natural Nursery can take two forms: minimalist and tropical – or perhaps a little of both. With white walls, and mostly white furniture, this trend is really simple to achieve. Add in natural wood elements like shelving, cribs, storage, and flooring, then some leafy green plants (real or fake), deep green and black accents, and a touch of boho and you’ve got yourself a simple but stunning nursery.

If you’re not big into having actual plants to take care of in the nursery (you already have enough things to care for with a new baby, am I right?) then there’s plenty of other ways to get some greenery in the room. These Botanical Prints from Etsy are simple but beautiful, or you can jump on the cactus trend with some gorgeous wallpaper.

If you’re creating a more tropical feel, pair deep greens with a bright teal, hot pink, yellow and orange, and pick up some pineapple or palm tree décor. Baskets, woven poufs, and DIY wooden shelving are great ways to bring natural wood colors into the room too.

Pair with: A Pearl White or Puffin Party Zen Swaddle and a Puffin Party Zen Sack

Monochromatic Madness

The simplicity of a monochromatic nursery is what makes it so popular. While you might think and all-white nursery could look boring, we came up with all the steps you need to take to keep a monochromatic nursery looking fun and interesting (despite the lack of color) in one of our latest blog posts. You can read it here: 4 Steps to a Non-boring All White Nursery.

Monochromatic nurseries are gender neutral and really fun to design. By removing colors other than white, grey, and black, you’re forced to get creative with texture and details. But don’t be fooled – a monochromatic nursery still requires a color-scheme of sorts. Some of our favorite items for a monochromatic nursery include this Lorena Canals washable rug in Beige Polka Dots and a white woven pouf instead of a traditional ottoman.

Pair with: What else? Our Pearl White Zen Swaddle and this adorable “Pretty Eyes, Chunky Thighs” onesie.

Watercolor Wonder

You’re dream nursery might not be one of the spring trends we’ve already listed, but the good news is, this last trend can lend itself to any theme. Watercolor designs are soft and dreamy, just like your little babe, which is why they look like perfection in nurseries. You’ll be seeing watercolor wallpaper, wall art, crib sheets, and more popping up all over your Instagram feed this spring – running the gamut from cacti to florals to animals.

Where’s the best place for great watercolor finds? Etsy. They have EVERYTHING. Florals, succulents, stars, safari animals…you name it, you’ll find it. Watercolor wallpaper like the cacti wallpaper featured in Au Natural nursery trend it just plain gorgeous. These watercolor polka dot wall decals are a great alternative too. Or, go with a spice up a solid colored wall with a large abstract watercolor painting that ties the whole room together.

Pair with: Any of our Premier Zen Swaddles or Zen Sacks! All our Premier prints feature stunning watercolor designs like butterflies, foxes, hearts, and penguins.

Christina Alario

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