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Darling Nursery for Your Baby Bear

A Honey Bear Themed Nursery for Your Baby Bear

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or just a Winnie the Pooh fan, you have to admit that our Honey Bear print is pretty stinkin’ cute. So cute, in fact, that you might consider turning your babies nursery into their own little bear cave! Step one is to get the Classic Honey Bear Zen Swaddle or Zen Sack (or both!). Step Two is to check out our favorite inspiration and essentials for your very own Honey Bear Nursery!

bear themed nursery ideas from honey bear swaddle blanket

It’s TeePee Time!

I L-O-V-E the teepee trend that’s going on. It’s the perfect accessory to any outdoors-y themed space. And after all, what’s a baby bear without a little bear cave? Your little one will love this standing ‘Happy Camper” teepee from the Land of Nod. Or you could get crafty and make one yourself with this pretty simple 10-minute DIY! Have even more fun and spruce up your teepee by transforming it into a mini campfire site with plush campfire set on Etsy. 

kids teepee for bear themed nursery ideas

campfire set for kids teepee in bear themed nursery
Don’t have the space for an actual kid teepee? There’s plenty of other ways to incorporate it into the room. For example, these teepee shelves are cute, and practical. I also love this darling piece of wall art for your little adventurer!

teepee shelves for bear themed nursery

kids teepee wall art for bear themed nursery

Bring in the Bears!

Your little cub is gonna want some companions. So bring in the bears! You can get the “World’s Softest Bear” from the Vermont Bear Company…or you can “go big or go home,” as they say, and get the 4-foot tall “Hunka Love Giant Teddy Bear” for ultimate snuggles.

teddy bear themed nursery
My recommendation? Take a trip to Build-A-Bear, or any store where you can create your own stuffed animal. Make a stuffed bear with your significant other that will become a special keepsake for your little one. Nowadays, you can even record special messages that will play when you push the bear’s paw! You might feel a little silly in the store making a stuffed animal as an adult, but you child will love that it was something you made especially for them!

Clever as a Fox…or a bear!

This cute and practical idea had me smiling! For all those stuffed toys you’re bound to accumulate over the years, make a little “Wild Life Sanctuary” as a storage solution- so clever! I also love these rolling wooden crates as another fun storage idea!

nursery storage ideas for teddy bear themed nursery
You know what else is pretty clever? Our Zen Swaddle’s unique “grow-with-me” design that allows the Zen Swaddle to last twice as long as typical swaddles! The little pocket inside the pouch is perfect for newborns. Once they outgrow it, lay their feet on top of the pocket. Just ONE Zen Swaddle will fit your baby until 6 months!

honey bear zen swaddle blanket swaddle up to 6 months

Into the Wild!

You know what’s great about the great outdoors? Bringing it indoors! A Honey Bear nursery is the perfect setting to bring in rustic and natural accents and textures. In fact, our Honey Bear print works great with a Woodland Nursery theme too. You can find all the woodland nursery essentials, including ideas for wooden accents, in our Woodland Nursery Inspiration Blog!  I’m also a big fan of this cute wood bear cutout wall art from Zulily!

bear wood cutout for teddy bear themed nursery idea
A Sleeping Bear

There’s a few other things you’re going to need to complete the look of your honey bear nursery. For starters, these Chevron style crib sheets from Etsy are definitely a must (notice how perfectly they match our Honey Bear print!). Pick one: this Lazy Bear Cushion or this Flower Bear Throw Pillow to match those darling crib sheets (make sure pillows are removed from the crib when baby is sleeping).

baby crib bedding for bear themed nursery idea

sleeping bear pillow for baby crib bedding

baby bedding for baby crib throw pillow baby bedding set

Also, check our this Bear Changing pad cover from Target – so cute! And finally, stock up on our Honey Bear print! The Zen Swaddle will help your baby’s Moro Reflex up until 6 months (or when they start to roll over) and the Zen Sack will help transition your little one out of swaddling. But more importantly, you’ll have a peaceful, sleeping bear every night.

cute baby changing pad cover for teddy bear themed nursery

swaddle transition product for bear themed nursery

Christina Alario

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