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Sweet things for Spring!

We’ve picked our lightest, brightest favorites.

Whether you’re celebrating baby’s first Easter or want to give the perfect gift at all your upcoming baby showers, our Premier Zen Swaddles® and Zen Sacks™ have got you covered. Designed to soothe your baby with the same gently weighted Cuddle Pads used in our Classic swaddles and sacks, our Premier products are made from 70% bamboo, so they’re ultra-soft and light. Best of all, they come in an exclusive selection of adorable prints: just right for spring.

Bamboo Fabric 

With a mix of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, our Premier swaddles and sacks are great for both spring and summer months, as well as families who live in warmer climates. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable—a bonus for babies who are warm sleepers and overheat easily during the night. New parents love dressing their babies in bamboo: not only does it help their babies sleep more comfortably, but it’s a sustainable resource.

Water Color Prints

Cute, whimsical and bright, all 5 of our premier prints are full of personality. Is your little one a Friendly Fox? A Blushing Butterfly? A Deep Sea Diver? Whether you’re buying a swaddle or sack, you’ll find it’s easy to keep your baby ‘Instagram-ready’—and we’d love to see your little fashionista on our IG feed! 

Flexible Designs

Our Premier swaddles and sacks are made to keep babies safe and comfortable at every stage—from newborn to 24 months.

For newborns

Perfect for 0-6 months, our Zen Swaddle Premier is designed with Cuddle Pads that mimic a parent’s touch and help soothe babies to sleep between cuddles. And the Velcro wrap makes for easy and snug swaddling. It’s an ideal gift for any baby shower.

For little rollers

Our Zen Sack Premier is the best option for babies who are side sleepers or are learning to roll over. The product is also reversible for tummy sleepers who are independently rolling back and forth: just flip the sack backwards. A 2-way zipper makes changes a breeze.

Shop now to save 15%

This spring, outfit your baby—or someone else’s—in comfort and style. Shop before April 22nd to save 15% on all our sweet and cuddly premier swaddles and sacks here.


Jess Landine

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