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Recipe for the perfect sleeper

It takes time and practice to whip up the perfect Thanksgiving meal. A pinch of this. A sprinkle of that. Just the right ingredients. Creating the perfect bedtime routine is no different—and since this holiday is all about sharing, we wanted to share our recipe with you.

Put together your mise en place

In the culinary world, mise en place is a method of organizing all your ingredients before you actually start cooking. It makes for a much more efficient meal prep process, preventing those frantic moments when the turkey is sizzling away and you realize you have no clue what comes next. Laying out your baby’s bedtime routine is like your mise en place—it will help you stay organized.

Make your plan: 

  • About an hour before bed, bath your little one, then diaper
  • Darken the room, turn on your white noise machine
  • Dress your baby for bed in Zen Sleepwear, gently weighted to relax your baby
  • Feed your baby, and engage in cuddle time
  • Put baby in her crib while drowsy

This is when you quietly leave the room. Thanks to the gentle weight that makes Zen Sleepwear so special, your baby will feel comforted and secure even without you there to help her drift off into dreamland.

Set the timer

  • Start your sleep routine when your baby is 5-6 weeks old.
  • Try to stick to your routine—even if your baby experiences sleep regressions. (Sleep routine changes can cause wakeups). Dressing your baby in Zen Sleepwear™ can help you maintain consistency. 

Know when to tweak the instructions

Just like some people prefer more sugar in their cranberry sauce or less garlic in their mashed potatoes, you may discover that your baby develops specific preferences, as her sleep style develops. Strike a balance between flexibility and consistency—with Zen Sleepwear.

  • If your baby is a newborn, the versatile Zen One™ swaddle has her covered for every possible change in sleep style, from birth to rolling over
  • If your baby likes feet-free sleeping, a cozy Zen Bodysuit is the perfect choice
  • If your baby prefers to sleep arms- and feet-free, try a Zen Footie™


There are a lot of elements that go into the perfect sleep routine. But we think you’ll find these ingredients as reliable as Grandma’s recipe for sausage and sage stuffing. You’ll find your baby will fall asleep faster and sleep longer: something every parent can be thankful for.

Interested in more expert help with bedtime? Sign up for our Sleep Tips.

Aliste Williams

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