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Your Hygge baby registry must-haves

Putting together the ultimate baby registry checklist can be super fun, but it can also be super overwhelming! There are so many products out there that can be described as baby registry essentials that it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we have just the thing (or rather, concept) to help you out!

'Hygge' is a Danish concept which is all about focussing on making life cozy, and enjoying simple pleasures. Activities can be hygge, food and drink can be hygge, even baby clothes can be hygge - it's important that sleepwear, for instance, is cozy and secure, in order to ensure your little one has a better chance at sleeping peacefully through the night!

By focussing on hygge products, you can really begin to narrow down your search and create the perfect baby registry checklist - which will in turn help you create a wonderfully hygge nursery! Read on for a closer look at what hygge is, and why it matters to expectant moms. We'll also give you some tips on creating the hygge nursery of your dreams!

In this article

What is hygge?

Hygge doesn't translate directly into English, but it has come to mean a feeling of cozy togetherness. Focussing on wellbeing, working towards an atmosphere of warmth and love, and enjoying the things in life that bring you joy are all part of the hygge lifestyle.

Everyone is different, and as such, different things can be hygge to different people. Some may find spending quality time with loved ones to be the ultimate hygge moment, whereas others may find the perfect hygge activity to be spending time alone in a comfortable, calm environment. Anything that leaves you feeling warm on the inside can be hygge!

When it comes to babies, and your baby registry, there are so many ways to embrace hygge!

Why hygge should matter to expectant moms

Moms all over the world have become obsessed with hygge. For expectant moms, preparing for your baby's arrival is the perfect time to start practicing hygge, and achieving a hygge lifestyle throughout your little one's early years can be extremely beneficial!

Practicing hygge with your baby helps you foster a deeper connection, and can bring peace and calm to them and yourself. There are numerous hygge activities you can do with your baby, all of which are opportunities to give them your undivided attention, appreciating the moment.

Most new moms get loaded up with clothing from well-wishers, but if you want to be strategic about this, here are a couple of particularly useful items:
Kimono-style gowns are great for newborns - they’re cozy, and they make it easy to change diapers. Some also have mitts that flip over to protect them from scratching their faces.
The kimono snap system is great on all newborn clothes, because it’s easier to lay your baby into something than try to pull a onesie over their head at this age -- and it's very helpful for clothes to unsnap at the crotch. - Hygge Birth and Baby

Massaging, bathing, feeding - breast or bottle - and putting your baby to bed are great examples of special moments perfect for focusing on your time spent together. As we mentioned earlier, hygge sleepwear can make a huge difference at bedtime, and should be a staple of your baby registry checklist. Our Zen Neo™ swaddle, which is gently weighted to soothe just like your touch, helps babies sleep longer as they feel safe and comfortable - it's super hygge!

Brittany Annette Stoddard agrees in this review she left on our website:

"Enjoy using the product as it soothes my baby to sleep. Keeps him from jerking himself awake, the weight reminds him of being held so he is able to sleep all night and fall asleep quickly."

Self care is also an aspect of a hygge lifestyle which is extremely important for expectant moms. Setting aside time during the day - even if it's just for a small while - to focus on yourself can help make sure you're feeling you're best, but it's also crucial to remember to give yourself a break! Hygge improves wellbeing as it's all about prioritising comfort - taking some time out of your day to enjoy whatever makes you feel cozy can go a long way.

How to hygge your nursery

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what hygge is, and why moms have become so obsessed with the concept. It's no surprise really - prioritising warmth and coziness is a simple way to improve wellbeing and reduce stress! There are so many activities that can be hygge, but the way you decorate you and your baby's room (or space) can also embrace hygge and bring extra comfort!

Plenty of soft furnishings

When it comes to creating a hygge nursery, soft furnishings are must haves. We'd recommend avoiding blankets unless you're focussed on supervising your baby. Try varying textures when it comes to cushions, pillows, rugs, furniture such as chairs and couches, bedding, and sleepwear. Our range of Zen Sleepwear is designed with comfort and security in mind, and as such fits in perfectly to any nursery! Layering a variety of textures is a great way of ensuring comfort and coziness can always be found regardless of your little one's mood.

A mixture of colors, patterns, and textures

Children love to have things to look at, and this is also good for them as it gets their minds going, aiding their development and keeping them happy. It's for this reason why you should look to include objects and things such as furniture, art, items such as wall hangings that are of a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. These can be bright and colourful if that's what you enjoy, but if you'd prefer, why not focus on a natural feel, complete with houseplants and wooden tones? Natural elements can help add warmth, but always go with what makes you feel the most at home!

A special space to feed your baby

You could even make your nursery your primary space where you feed your baby, as a warm and cosy area is perfect for making feeding time special and hygge. Make sure to include soft lighting to complete the space! By embracing hygge and focusing on inclusions that help you feel comfortable and relaxed, you and your little one will be able to spend time in a nursery perfectly tailored to keeping you cozy and developing a deeper, warmer connection!


At the end of the day, achieving a hygge life can look different depending on who you are. It's a very personal thing, which is why it's perfect for expectant moms - during this time your comfort needs to be a priority as you prepare for the arrival of your baby!

Practicing hygge before your little one arrives, and maintaining a hygge lifestyle once they get here goes a long way towards helping you and them enjoy less stress, and more comfort. A comfy baby is a happy baby, and this is especially important at night - if your baby feels secure and calm overnight, the whole household will experience the benefits of a baby who sleeps longer and more peacefully!

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