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Zen Blog

It’s never too early to start sparking creativity in your baby surrounding your little one with creative experiences and encouraging curiosity can foster a more imaginative, open mind. These four ways to support your child's creativity can help set your little one up for success.
It’s no small task, making sure your baby is hitting all their milestones while working, possibly taking care of other children, and hopefully remembering to drink enough water. Fine motor skills development links your baby’s brain and body, helping them develop both cognitively and physically. So, we’re outlining some simple and creative ways to set your little one up for success when it comes to their fine motor skill growth.

From crawling to potty training, exciting milestones can sometimes impact your baby’s sleep schedule. Luckily, we’ve got some tools that can ensure that you have the energy to appreciate every little win!

If you're thinking of giving sleep training a try, you've probably already started scouring the web to find out exactly what sleep training is and how to do it. There are so many opinions on the topic that, like other...

Just when you thought you had bedtime beat: your baby is fussy and wakeful. Not to worry; after helping hundreds of new parents navigate the dreaded 4-month sleep regression, I’ve got 10 tips you need to get things back on...

Looking Back on 2020

Jess Landine

What can be said about 2020 that hasn’t already been said, or made into a meme? This year asked a lot of you. You balanced parenting, caregiving & adjusting to impossible circumstances all at the same time.

Your resilience continued to inspire us & kept us always striving towards our commitment to better sleep. We know sleep is essential, but to us your support is even more essential.

The holidays look different this year. Though everyone has spent the last months dealing with difficult times and the magic of the holiday season may seem to be harder to find this year, joy still surrounds us. We just have to look a little closer. Here are ways to still make your baby’s first season special.

Keeping your baby on a sleep routine during the holidays this year may seem like an uphill battle: Multiple factors and stressors make it feel impossible. How can you stay consistent, upbeat and ensure a joyful, restful holiday for all? A sleep expert weighs in to provide you with some tips to help you navigate these unusual holidays.

The sleepless nights that come with having a baby are no joke. 2 AM feedings, 4 AM diaper changes…it’s not easy. Now, after what feels like an eternity of sleepless nights, you’re asking yourself “when will my baby finally sleep through...