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Top 10 benefits of swaddling with the Zen Swaddle®

9 out of 10 moms tell their expecting friends: be sure to register for a swaddle. That’s because they know what parents have known for centuries - swaddled babies just sleep better. In fact, many research studies have corroborated this native wisdom. The age old practice of swaddling is comforting, helping baby sleep longer and more peacefully - and it doesn't hurt that it makes your little one look like a baby burrito!

Swaddles are recommended by 9 out of 10 moms

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of swaddling:

  • How will your baby benefit from swaddling?
  • 10 benefits of swaddling with the Zen Swaddle
  • A note about swaddling safety


The importance of swaddling - how will your baby benefit from swaddling?

After the snug feeling of your womb for so many months, too much freedom of movement may feel foreign—and very stressful—to your newborn. A free-falling sensation can trigger the involuntary Moro reflex all babies are born with, causing their body to tighten, fling their arms up and out and draw their knees up suddenly in self-protection.

Needless to say, this startle reflex often causes wake-ups—especially if your baby is in a  light sleep phase. Swaddling your baby for the first few months of life can prevent the Moro reflex by making your baby feel snug and more secure. Not only that, but - despite some misleading claims - safe swaddling has been proven to reduce the risk of SIDS in babies, as it keeps them on their back in a safe position.

From the experts

“When done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and  promote sleep."

          - American Academy of Pediatrics,

10 benefits of swaddling with the Zen Swaddle

Gently weighted to feel like a parent’s touch on your baby’s chest, Zen Sleepwear is up to 5x lighter than other weighted baby swaddle blankets, and 8x safer than industry standards. Used in NICUs across the country, the Zen Swaddle has been lauded by nurses for combining the benefits of touch with the advantages of swaddling for more restorative sleep.

Here are just a few of the advantages of swaddling with the Zen Swaddle:

Zen Swaddle benefit #1: Mimics your touch for longer sleep

It has been proven that touch triggers a self-soothing response in the human brain. It stabilizes heart rate, lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels. It has also been proven that applying gentle pressure with lightly weighted objects can simulate touch, and trigger a similar soothing response.

The weight of the Zen Swaddle is scientifically calibrated to mimic a parent’s touch, so babies can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and self-soothe through wakeups.

           “We adore The Zen Swaddle!”

I ordered this for our 3rd daughter and it is amazing...VERY user friendly. The material is awesome - lightweight and breathable, washes great. I have tried every swaddle under the  sun...the Zen Swaddle is perfection, I have recommended it to all of my soon to be and new  mama friends!"

         - Trish E., 5/20/2018

Zen Swaddle benefit #2:  2-in-1 design lasts twice as long

Babies grow quickly. Many parents are left with clothing in small sizes that dont fit past the first couple of weeks. In order to help parents get more for their money, the Zen Swaddle is designed for longevity with multiple sizes. The inside pouch keeps legs secure in the first few weeks while the outer sack has room to grow in later months — so the Zen Swaddle is a newborn swaddle and baby swaddle, all in one.

How many swaddles do you need?

It's always good to have a backup! Traditional swaddling blankets are good to have on hand as blankies, stroller covers, etc. But once you find a swaddle that really works for your baby, like  the Zen Swaddle, be sure you have at least 2 on hand: one to use, and one for the wash. 


Zen Swaddle benefit #3: Easy and safe hook & loop self-fastener

You don't have to be an origami expert to use the Zen Swaddle. Moms love its super soft fabric and easy-to-use design that secures using a hook and loop self-fastener. The quiet, high-quality self-fastener doesn’t scratch or catch lint and yet stays secure - no more loose blankets in baby's crib. 

Zen Swaddle benefit #4: You can swaddle with baby's arms in or with arms free

With Zen Swaddle,  You Can Swaddle With Baby's Arms In and Out

The Zen Swaddle can be used arms free. So if more freedom of movement is wanted, especially as a swaddled baby begins grow out of the Moro reflex, they can still enjoy the soothing benefits of swaddling with the gently weighted Zen Swaddle, which exerts gentle pressure to the chest and sides to relax your baby and promote longer sleep.

Zen Swaddle benefit #5: Gentle weight eases colic

Zen Swaddle Can Relieve Colic

White noise, an airplane hold or sleeping on top of the parent to add light pressure on baby's belly are common ways that parents survive the terrible time when colic strikes. The Zen Swaddle provides a safer way to help parents ease colic. Its lightly weighted center applies gentle pressure just where there is discomfort helping ease the colic pain and receive the much-needed comfort. 

Zen Swaddle benefit #6: Designed for hip-healthy swaddling

Swaddling done wrong can cause hip dysplasia. This happens when babies are swaddled too tightly around the waist, exerting pressure on baby's hips that can cause permanent hip damage. The Zen Swaddle is designed to be roomy at the waist, making it easy for your baby to safely bend and move their legs while still holding baby firmly where it matters. 

From the experts

“Studies have found that straightening and tightly wrapping a baby’s legs can lead to hip dislocation or hip dysplasia. The Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, with the AAP Section on Orthopaedics, promotes 'hip-healthy swaddling' that allows the baby’s legs to bend up and out."

- American Academy of Pediatrics,

Zen Swaddle benefit #7: Constructed to reduce the Moro reflex

The Zen Swaddle is constructed with a patented touch technology that helps your baby sleep through startles, or Moro reflex. 

Zen Swaddle benefit #8: Helps baby easily transition to crib or bassinet

sleeping baby in snug swaddle blanket

Finding it difficult to transition your baby from your arms to the crib? You’re not alone. Somehow, babies just know when they are placed on their own and away from your cozy embrace (can you blame them?).

Many parents place their hand on their baby’s chest for a long time, just waiting for a sign of sleep. The Zen Swaddle makes this transition easier, as it mimics the feel of your touch, even when you move your hand away.

 Zen Swaddle benefit #9: Comes in temp-regulating bamboo/cotton

baby sleeping in swaddle blanket


In their first few days of life, your newborn’s internal thermostat needs time to adjust to its new environment. The Zen Swaddle Premier in bamboo cotton blend helps keep your baby at the optimal temperature while their bodies learn to regulate their own temperature. Naturally antimicrobial, the bamboo rayon is also moisture-wicking, which helps prevent the baby's body from getting too hot or cold (though you should still check baby's temperature regularly). 

Whether you use the Zen Swaddle Classic in 100% cotton, or the Zen Swaddle Premier,  be sure to keep your baby’s room at a comfortable 65 to 70 degrees, and avoid over-bundling with layers. After being swaddled, your baby’s skin should feel comfortable to touch and not too warm.

Zen Swaddle benefit #10: You can start getting more sleep back! 

Reason 1 why should you swaddle your baby with Zen Swaddle. It Mimics Touch

Research shows that sleep deprivation is the number one reason for postpartum depression in new moms. Using the Zen Swaddle can help you avoid that—because when baby sleep improves, so does your own. Designed with moms in mind, it's easier, more effective, (and way more adorable) than a traditional swaddling blanket.  

Zen Swaddle®: Longer, better sleep in 1 to 3 nights

Shop Zen Swaddles

The Zen Swaddle is the bedtime go-to for over 1 million moms: Make it part of your baby sleep routine, too. You’ll see the Zen Swaddle difference as it mimics your touch and cuts down on your bedtime routine by 20-40 minutes.

A note on swaddling safety

If you’re just beginning to research the benefits of swaddling, you may see that swaddling has received some questionable press over the years with regards to baby safety. Some outlets have warned that certain baby swaddle designs promote hip dysplasia. Others have warned that rolling over in swaddles can increase baby's risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

But the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) has confirmed that when swaddling is done correctly, and you swaddle safely with recommended techniques, it is both safe and effective.

In fact, the  AAP notes that swaddling healthy infants can help facilitate sleeping in the supine position (on their back)—with actually reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (You can learn more about the SIDS risk here .) Also, swaddling prevents the need for other loose bedding or blankets in their crib, which the AAP warns against because it could cause asphyxiation (as can stuffed animals).

The AAP advises that you stop swaddling as soon as your baby begins to show signs of rolling over. (Learn more here about when to stop swaddling).

The wrap-up on the benefits of swaddling a baby with the Zen Swaddle

If you’re expecting a new arrival soon, stock up on Zen Swaddles now, to give your newborn the most peaceful sleep, a safe and secure womb-to-world transition, and the very best start in life. Questions? We’re here to help. Just email us at

Common questions about swaddling