Jones loves it - and I do too! Posted on 19 Aug 10:55 , 0 comments

Kacia Hosmer's Review of Zen Swaddle

"After loving the way the Zen Swaddle soothed Jones and helped him sleep so much, I was sad when our swaddling days came to an end.  As an early roller, Jones rolled quickly to his tummy after laying him down, so finding a sleep sack that worked for him was key.  I couldn't believe my ears when I found out that Nested Bean had created a Zen Sleep Sack with the same weighted bean as the swaddle. 

Jones absolutely loves it - and I do too! Because his sleeping has improved greatly since using it.  What's funny, is that I put the Bean on his back, and my husband puts it on his front, and Jonesy sleeps well with it either way.  We are huge fans and will continue using and sharing our love for Nested Bean with others!"

Kacia Hosmer, Mom of Two, Coconut Robot

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