Benefits of Swaddling

Sleeping Baby Benefits of Swaddling

No doubt when you were researching the products you’d need for your baby, a friend, family member or nurse suggested you register for a swaddle blanket or some sort of swaddling product. Through experience, they learned what centuries of mothers before them have known: Swaddling works to help babies drift off and stay asleep. Eastern cultures have embraced swaddling for generations, but it was only adopted as common practice in the U.S. in the ‘90s when researchers proved its benefits.

What these researchers found is quite simple. For the first 4 or 5 months of your baby’s life, he or she may experience the Moro or startle reflex in which their arms or legs jerk in response to a falling sensation. This is normal but it can cause your baby to awaken, especially if they are in a light sleep phase.

This is where swaddling helps. Research has proven that by restricting motor activity and mimicking the security of a mother’s womb, swaddling comforts babies. This results in less crying, more stable heart rates and the ability to sleep through the startle reflex.

Swaddling is easy

Parents are generally overwhelmed by the square swaddling blankets. Most babies wriggle out of such swaddles as soon as they are wrapped. This is where ease of swaddling becomes a must in a new parent’s tremendously busy life.

The Zen Swaddle has a custom form sewn to make swaddling as easy as 1-2-3. This especially makes wrapping the wriggly little ones easier than using a square blanket. The fitted inner pocket helps our newborn's little legs stay snug while the outer swaddle sack provides more room for the active legs in later months. Once inside, babies can be wrapped with arms-in or arms-out. This is another advantageous special feature of the Zen swaddle that allows the babies to be comfortable in their position of choice. Finally, the soft and high quality Velcro is quiet so that it does not awaken your little one mid diaper change. The large Velcro loop patch allows for longer use and offers a good fit even as your baby grows.