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We put safety
front & center

We put
front &

<h4>Rigorous <br>testing</h4>


Safety-tested by industry standards

5x lighter, is safer

Unlike all-weighted baby sleepwear that can weigh up to 2 pounds, our Cuddle Pads safely produce a soothing effect with just a few ounces. With Nested Bean, you’ve always got the safe alternative to all-weighted sleepwear.

Compliance: How we ensure weight safety

Rigorously tested against mandatory and voluntary safety requirements
Zen Sleepwear complies with several mandatory and voluntary children's product tests for product construction, flammability and product safety. The Cuddle Pad is self-contained to prevent spilling or overheating, and the gentle weight does not restrict breathing or movement: For example, the Zen Sack™ is safe for tummy sleepers, rollers and side sleepers.

Construction: How sleeping safely feels

Exceptional care, craftsmanship and attention to detail go into construction of all our Zen Sleepwear, as part of our dedication to sleep safety and commitment to sustainability.

    • Natural fabrics
    We offer 100% super soft, breathable cotton for year-round comfort, or 70% bamboo fabric for luxurious softness, natural moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

    • Non-toxic
    Zen Sleepwear products do not contain harmful dyes and are made to withstand flammability without toxic chemicals.

    • Easy accessibility
    Soft Velcro closures, 2-way zippers and adjustable straps are just a few of the features you’ll find in various Zen Sleepwear products that keep safety in easy reach.

    • Rigorous QC at every turn
    Throughout the product development process, we work with a variety of safety laboratories to ensure the highest quality control and compliance with safety guidelines. All of our partner labs are fully accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Swaddling safety tips

While no sleepwear can prevent SIDS, experts maintain that proper swaddling may reduce your baby’s risk. Nested Bean offers 3 kinds of gently weighted swaddles: The Zen Neo™, which comforts with a womblike pod design, The Zen One™, which zips up and contains a secure belly band, and The Zen Swaddle®, which wraps like a traditional swaddle. Regardless of which swaddle you pick, it should not be used with infants less than 7 pounds. It should always be used as instructed, and should only be used with infant placed on back. Discontinue swaddling when baby shows signs of rolling over.

    Zen Neo™ safety tips

    • When placing your baby in the product, make sure the neckline falls right at the base of baby’s neck so the product does not rise up as baby moves.

    • Ensure that the top edge of swaddle wing is always at the chest level, never above your infant’s neck or covering his or her nose and mouth.

    • Secure baby with arms at their sides before zipping up swaddle and fastening Cuddle Pad™.

    Zen One™ safety tips

    • When placing your baby in the product, make sure the neckline falls right at the base of baby’s neck so the product does not rise up as baby moves.

    • When the secure band is not being used to position the baby’s hands by their sides, it should be secured around the baby’s belly to prevent the product from rising up.

    • The Zen One safely adapts to every sleep style from birth to rolling over. Learn more about how to use the Zen One for newborns, active sleepers and transitioning.

    Zen Swaddle® safety tips

    • Ensure proper positioning of swaddle wings and weighted areas around your baby, by placing infant’s shoulders no lower than 1 ½ inches below the top edge of the back panel.

    • Do not allow infants to slide down inside swaddle. Place infants less than 23” tall or less than 1 month old with feet inside the inner pocket and pull pocket over waist. Fold any extra fabric at the bottom of the swaddle up over torso and secure with swaddle wings.

    • Swaddle wings must be securely tucked under your infant’s body. Ensure it’s not too tight by slipping your hand between baby and swaddle; it should feel snug but not uncomfortable.

    • Ensure that the top edge of swaddle wing is always at the chest level, never above your infant’s neck or covering his or her nose and mouth.

    • Never use swaddle with products with restraints such as car seats, strollers, swings, etc.

Testing: How we make sleeping safer

To ensure safety compliance of every product, we put all our Zen Sleepwear through a broad range of mandatory and voluntary tests, such as the ones below:

  • Construction Safety Testing

    Lightweight fabric ensures no overheating due to fabric alone. Our swaddles pose limited/minimal risk of suffocation (intended and unintended use). Cuddle Pads seams prevent poly-beads from escaping. Velcro is not abrasive and zipper ends are covered.

    • Co2 Rebreathing
    • Suffocation Hazard
    • Seam Strength (2)
    • Sharp Edges & Sharp Objects (4)
    • Small Part Choking Hazard
    • Torque & Tension (2)
    • Post-Laundering tests (2)
    • Size Spec Verification (2)

  • Fabric Quality Tests

    Will product withstand multiple washes. Manufactured with the highest quality fabric. Withstands flammability without flame-retardant chemicals.

    • Shrinkage
    • Color Fastness
    • Pilling
    • Flammability (2)
    • Fiber Analysis (2)

  • Chemical Detection

    All raw materials used to construct Zen Sleepwear are thoroughly tested to ensure that they do not contain harmful chemicals or dyes.

    • Lead Detection (5)
    • Phthalate Detection (2)
    • Cadmium Content Detection (2)
    • Azo Dyes Detection
    • Formaldehyde Detection
    • Fiber Mixture Analysis

Stay smart about safety

Learn more here:
Consumer Protection Safety Commission
Sleep Foundation