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Zen Neo™ Classic 2-Pack

Nested Bean




$ 54.99
Cloud White Grey Mist Night Sky In-Stock

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  • Trusted by over 2 million parents

  • Safely weighted to mimic your touch

  • Uninterrupted comfort

Our zipper swaddle is Scientifically designed for self-soothing and sounder sleep. The gently weighted Zen Neo calms like your embrace by providing comforting pressure only where babies are naturally held. This secure feeling eases the womb to world transition and helps babies self-soothe through sleep disruptions, leading to deeper periods of sleep that are essential for healthy development


The Zen Neo is a gently weighted first newborn swaddle. It is the perfect first swaddle for babies 7 lbs to 11 lbs. The Zen Neo Swaddle keeps your newborn snug with a womb-like design, without the risk of loose blankets that unravel. Loaded with parent-friendly features for easy swaddling, it’s the new nesting essential.


The Zen Neo is specifically designed to ease the transition from womb-to-world.

▪ Natural, womb-like pod: Stretchy but snug and cozy to prevent startles
Weighted Cuddle Pad™: Single flap distributes gentle pressure that is tested for breathing safety, evenly across the chest to relax baby.
▪ Easy 2-way zipper: Makes nighttime changes a breeze; no ‘unswaddling’
▪ Hidden self-fastener: Easily secures to back in one simple motion
▪ Comfy, well-fitted neckline: Ensures the Zen Neo won’t ride up on baby


Made from 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex, the Zen Neo is washer and dryer safe. Simply wash in cold water on delicate cycle, and tumble dry on low heat.


With its single, gently weighted flap the Zen Neo creates the soothing Cuddle Effect, with only a few ounces.
▪ The safe alternative to all-weighted sleepwear
▪ Applies gentle pressure that is tested for breathing safety
▪ Passes mandatory and voluntary children's product tests
▪ Tested for suffocation hazard, pulmonologist verified
▪ Hip-healthy. Does not hinder mobility


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Frequently asked questions

Why is Zen Neo the next-gen zipper swaddle?

Aids healthy development

The Zen Neo reduces startles and improves sleep, which is proven to boost brain health.

Exceeds safety standards

The Zen Neo Cuddle Pad is perfectly calibrated to soothe with only a few ounces, exceeding safety standards by 8x.

Simplifies bedtime

Designed with busy new parents in mind, the Zen Neo is packed with features that make bedtime quick and easy.