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Melanie Salinas Story of Five - Nested Bean Zen Sack

"My mom has been staying with us since Rick has been out of town for work so she can help me with the kiddos. She has been giving my hands and arms a break this week while I catch up on some blog + housework. I’m writing this as she is holding a sleeping baby cozy in her arms. She said she doesn’t want to put him down anywhere because she knows the second she does he will wake up. This is the dilemma that I’ve had with all of our babies. My babies have only slept well if they are in my arms during naps or in bed with us at night. Even as they co slept, it was usually cozy and warm snuggled in my arms. Needless to say, naptime, which is supposed to be my work time is usually cut short when the baby wakes up.

The Zen Sack from the Nested Bean is a baby sleep sack that simulates the pressure from your touch with a lightly weighted pad and plush upper panel on their chest.

We used to swaddle Lennon when he was a baby and it helped him sleep through the night. Swaddling helps prevent the moro reflex, also known as the startle reflex. After he grew too big for swaddling we never really found a good alternative to help him sleep the long stretches through the night. Now that we’ve been using the Zen Sleep Sack we’ve noticed that he naps longer and goes through longer stretches in the night without crying to come into bed. The sleep sack is made up of a high-quality cotton but it’s not hot, which is important for us here in the hot Texas weather."

- Melanie Salinas, Mom of 3, Story of Five

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