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A Full Night’s Sleep...

"Friends with extremely smallish children, you are about to LOVE this little tidbit o’ sleep-through-the-night knowledge I’m about to extol, courtesy of The Nested Bean.

I have found a miraculous new sleep aid, called the Zen Swaddle.

And- I cannot stress this enough- I am NOT being paid to say this. Nope. I was given one of these swaddles to try out and then give my honest opinion. Here it is:


So, the Zen Swaddle is a pretty cool concept on its own; pockets of (chemical-free!) polybeads lightly weigh on pressure points which mimic the soothing touch babies get in their parents’ arms. These super-soft swaddles allow for calming of the Moro (or startle) reflex, and let your wee one feel like Mama’s (or Dad’s) hand is laying a gentle hand on his chest and arms. Kinda like a 2am hug. Except you get to sleep through the 2am part.

But here’s what makes the Zen Swaddle exceptional. (Because, seriously, all swaddles are supposed to soothe and calm and snugify your bitty babe.) These things promise two extra hours of sleep. And it couldn’t have come at a better time for me- Jasper had recently gone through a growth spurt and was unable to settle himself back down to sleep after each (gazillionth) feeding. So it was high-five party time throughout the early hours of the morning.

But the first night we swaddled him in the Zen Swaddle…

He slept for ten hours. TEN HOURS. To go from three to ten? Insanity. (Of course I woke up seven times to check on him, so I wasn’t really feeling the ol’ health benefits yet.)

Now THAT is a rested baby.
The next night? We repeated the routine: quiet feeding, songs in a darkened room, swaddle n’ kisses and more kisses…and put him down, still the slightest bit awake.

He slept for nine hours.

Last night? A whopping ELEVEN. I’d cry if I weren’t so busy laughing. And while I can’t promise results like Jasper’s, I am gonna encourage you to check the heck outta the Nested Bean’s site to get a Zen Swaddle of your own. Because with benefits like these:

Simulated touch reduces stress levels and increases oxytocin- the “happy” hormone
Ability to transform and use the Zen Swaddle up to 6 months of age
100% cotton construction makes it breathable and cozy
Promotes the ability to self-soothe and keep this awesome Sleep Train a’chugging along

…Why wouldn’t you want to buy ten of these for an expectant mom?

Love n’ kisses,

Keely, skipping around her home with brushed hair and the ability to return phone calls.

Disclaimer: I seriously wasn’t compensated for this one, guys, other than a sample for review. All thoughts, opinions, and ebullient feelings are my very well-rested own."

- Keely Flynn, Mom of Three, Lollygagblog

Read the full review here.


Manasi Gangan

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