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6 Ways for moms to find their zen

One of our most commonly asked questions is “do you make a swaddle for adults?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no. But just imagine being wrapped up all snug and cozy for a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep….or better yet, a nap. Sounds pretty blissful.

But as we all know too well, it’s hard enough for mom to find 5 minutes to herself, let alone take a mid-day snooze. Raising a child is exhausting. So although it may feel impossible at times, it’s important to make yourself a priority. Here's 6 ideas to help you carve out some extra "you time."

1. Find your person

Find the parenting version of the Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey—someone who you can trust with your children, who you can call when you need to commiserate, who won't judge, and who just gets it.

Finding a couple of those people, even better. Maybe they're an in-law, your mom, your best friend, another parent from your kid’s school, or another relative.

If they're a parent too, schedule a weekly play-date and switch off every week so the both of you get some time for yourselves. It will be great for you, and great for your baby too! 

2. Make it kid-friendly

Relaxation doesn’t have to be sans-kids. Pick a morning and ignore your to-do list. Stay in your PJs and have a movie morning or read together. You’d be surprised how much your baby and children enjoy some peaceful snuggle time with mom.

Make this a weekly occurrence. The to-do list can wait until your movie is over. If you really can’t bear to watch another animated kids movie, pop your headphones in and listen to your favorite audio book while the kids are watching the movie. You still get all the snuggles, and your babies still get time with their favorite person.

3. Try Zen Sleepwear™

Your baby's naps are a great time to relax yourself. Whether that means getting a few Zzz's in or catching up on your favorite show. 

Zen Sleepwear’s gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ mimic your touch to give your baby the comfort and security of your embrace, even when you can’t be near—which means your baby will get the rest they need and you can maximize the time their asleep.

mom relaxing

4. Create a sanctuary

Find a place either in or close to your home that makes you feel good. It could be your bedroom, a spare room, your office, a spot in the back yard, or even your car.

Keep it stocked with the essentials—your favorite book, a couple snacks, a pillow or blanket, your favorite scented candle—whatever makes you feel at peace. That way, when you do manage to get a few minutes to yourself, your happy place is just waiting for you to enter.

5. Treat yo’ self

Yeah, you’ve got about 126 things left on that to-do list that you wanted to get done before the end of the day. But since it’s not likely to happen anyway, blow it off and do something you actually enjoy instead.

If exercise is your thing, go to the gym or take an online yoga class. Splurge on that shirt you've been eyeing or crack open the book that's been on your nightstand for a month. Most importantly, DON’T feel guilty about it! Everyone needs a break—and you deserve one, goshdarnit! 

6. Pencil it in

You’re busy. Always. So if you don’t make an effort to find the time to relax, you won’t. Take an hour (or more!) for yourself every few days and let everyone know ahead of time you're taking some time for yourself. If you plan ahead, you’re more likely to follow through.

relax refresh recharge

Getting adequate sleep and finding time to relax is important for the entire family. Chances are, if you’re feeling relaxed and in a better mood you’ll get more done anyway! 


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Cover photo courtesy of Amber Massey - Instagram: @masseya 

Christina Alario

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