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What’s the most soothing nursery color?

Decorating your baby-to-be’s nursery can be one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. On the day you bring your little one home, you want her room to be perfect: the crib, the décor, a closet full of adorable little outfits, and swaddles, sacks and diapers at the ready. But most of all, you want the nursery to be a sleep sanctuary. So start with the walls: color experts say certain shades can have an impact on how well your baby sleeps.

Neutral nursery stocked with Zen Sleepwear

The best hues for your new baby

Beach baby

There are few things as calming as a beautiful blue sky and rolling ocean waves. In fact, hues of blue have been shown to lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. Go for powdery or grayed-out blues or pale aqua.

Natural nester

Nature immediately brings a sense of balance and calm. Shades of green have been shown to relieve stress (that’s why TV guests wait in a “green room” before a show.)  Try lighter sages, moss and mint hues to keep your little one’s space tranquil.

Blushing babe

Pinks have been associated with kindness, softness, love and relaxation. All very calming attributes. Light roses, soft blushes and light peach tones are all great options. (Tip: if you’re on the fence, always go one shade lighter.)  

Neutral napper

Babies are stimulated all day long—so a warm and grounding neutral nursery might be the key to calming them as they settle in for sleep. Earthy shades like beiges and browns are instantly lulling and cozy. And neutrals are super versatile.

Colors to use in moderation

Bright red

This is too stimulating for a newborn, when used as the primary wall color. But reds can be a cheerful accent for a more neutral room.

Day-glow oranges and yellow

Some say orange hues make you hungry—unproven, but you may want to think about that! In general, day-glow brights are a bit of a visual assault, and can distract babies from sleep.

Plain gray

While adults love stylish, minimalist grays, they can feel sterile to a baby. If your walls are gray, add a few  pops of color to keep the room lively and interesting for your little one.

Of course, no magical can of paint will make your baby a perfect sleeper from day one. (Or maybe you’ll get really, really lucky.) But a soft hue, in combination with a consistent sleep routine and soothing sleepwear like the Zen Swaddle® or Zen Bodysuit, can certainly help set the stage for sweeter sleep.

Want more sleep tips? Find them here.

Christina Alario

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