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The Big Reveal: Gender Reveal Party Supplies & Inspirations

Just a few years ago, gender reveal parties weren’t all that common. Fast forward to today and your Facebook feed is filled with the most ADORABLE gender reveal videos – from surprising the grandparents to hosting a big party and cutting the mystery cake, to this unbelievably elaborate reveal that’ll bring you back to that physics project you did in high school.


If you’re trying to create a gender reveal worthy of going viral, then we’re here to help! The moment you find out the gender of your future baby is always going to be memorable – whether you’re finding out in your doctor’s office or by biting into a cupcake. The beauty of hosting a gender reveal party is being able to share that special moment with your friends and family.

Step 1: Pick your theme

Pink and blue are just the beginning…there are endless options for gender reveal party themes! You can choose to keep it traditional and use pink and blue as your color scheme, along with a cute turn-of-phrase like “he or she, what will it be?” or “blue or pink…what do you think?”

Don’t forget to come up with activities for guests to partake. Treat the gender reveal like a baby shower and there are all kinds of games to play. Have everyone guess the gender, weight, and due date, or get a festive pinata to give your party some playful action.   - Birthday in a box

The traditional pink and blue lend itself well to other fun themes as well, but don’t feel limited by them! Green and yellow, purple and teal, black and gold, mint and peach…take your pick. Find your theme, and then choose what colors you want to use to represent boy and girl.

Looking for a theme that’s more than just “boy or girl?” Here’s some suggestions:

Lashes or Staches? We loved these fun cups for this theme.

Gender Reveal Party theme lashes or stachesWhat will it bee? Bumble bees make a super cute, super neutral theme. Just think of all the adorable, bright decorations you can have fun with for this one.

gender reveal party theme what will it bee

Taco or hot dog? This is for the comedian couple. Plus, all your guests will already know what’s on the menu.

Mermaid or Fisherman? Uhm, how cute is this idea? With “message in a bottle” invitations and a purple and blue color scheme, your guests are sure to be hooked on this theme.

gender reveal party mermaid or fisherman theme

Mickey or Minnie? For the Disney fanatic. These characters are a classic, so your party will be too.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…How we wonder what you are: Get some twinkly lights and throw a sweet and simple gender reveal with this theme. It works with any color scheme and décor can be as easy or elaborate as you want it to be.

Prince or Princess? Your “once upon a dream” is coming true, making this the perfect, charming theme for your gender reveal. Not to mention, you’ll finally have an excuse to wear a crown.

Bowties or Bows? Nobody knows! Make your guests wear their guess as to what baby will be!

Step 2: The Real Reveal

How are you envisioning the big moment? Cutting into a cake to reveal blue or pink icing? Opening a box to release blue or pink balloons? There’s a millions ways to do it – fireworks, cupcakes, confetti.  Here’s some things you should know when deciding how you’re making the big reveal:

Pick someone you can trust: If you want your baby’s gender to be a surprise to everyone at your party including you, then you’ll need to pick a friend or family member to trust with the biggest detail of the party! This person will be responsible for however you’re deciding to reveal your baby’s gender, i.e. ordering the cake, making the confetti box, stuffing the piñata, etc. So make sure it’s someone who won’t accidentally spill the beans! You can also ask your OB/GYN to help out here. Some offices will send your gender results right to a bakery or company, so all you have to do it pick up the product and be surprised!

You don’t have to be a master baker or DIY project pro: If you’re looking to save a little money by making the cake or confetti box yourself – don’t worry! Either recruit the best baker in the family to make the cake or follow an easy DIY from our Pinterest page. This 5-layer surprise cake is surprisingly easy and spills out colorful pink or blue sprinkles when cut open. Or you could try making these heart filled cupcakes, so everyone can get a bite of the action! Making your own confetti filled box to reveal the surprise actually isn’t as hard as it looks. These DIY confetti poppers let all your guests take part in the reveal (or you can buy them pre-made here).

It’s not all about cake and confetti: If you’re not interested in picking up a billion confetti pieces in your backyard or don’t have a major sweet tooth, there’s still plenty of unique ways you can reveal your baby’s gender! Using pink or blue smoke bombs make for STUNNING photos. If you’re looking for an excuse to get messy, have a friend fill up bottles with the appropriate colored paint and have at it with your significant other. If you’re not crazy about getting covered in paint, then you can take the same idea but apply it to a canvas, creating a piece of abstract art you can keep forever!

Step 3: Enjoy it forever

Whether it’s baby number 1, 3, or 5, finding out the gender is exciting and a moment you’ll remember forever. By hiring a photographer or getting a friend to take photos and video, you’ll turn the moment into a precious keepsake you’ll always cherish. Remember to take fun photos that you can print and send to family and friends who weren’t able to make it too! Or, let them reveal the surprise on their own by sending them an individual confetti popper or DIY scratch card!

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more ideas for The Big Reveal. If you’re attending or planning a gender reveal party, also check out our gender-reveal worthy prints! Whether you’re in on the surprise and know the gender or you’re still waiting to find out, a Zen Swaddle is giving the best gift any expectant parent could ever ask for: extra sleep!

REMINDER: If you’re having a gender reveal party in place of or in conjunction with your baby shower, make sure you’re registering for neutral items so you don’t give away the surprise before the party even starts! We have a nice selection of neutral prints that will help keep your secret!

If you’re still guessing…

Stardust Grey or Pearl White: Our Classic Stardust Grey or Pearl White Zen Swaddle is perfect! Super neutral, but still super cute.

Starry Safari: Another neutral favorite that the parents will love! It’s on our special 70% bamboo, 30% cotton blend and safari-themes are all the rage these days!

Puffin Party: Bring the party to the party! Our Puffin Party Zen Swaddle is a big crowd pleaser because of its bright colors and fun, neutral design!

Deepsea Diver: The adorable little penguin on this print is one of our favs, and it will be one of the parents-to-be’s favorites too!

If you’re in on the surprise…

Stardust Blue or Pink: This simple but sweet print is sure to be loved by the mom-to-be for her future boy or girl.

Soft Pink or Powder Blue: Another traditional option in 100% cotton!

Fishing Around or Bubble Chaser: PERFECT for that Mermaid or Fisherman themed party we talked about! Or for the ocean/beach lover!

Friendly Fox or Blushing Butterflies: Both prints are equally stunning, and on our special 70% bamboo, 30% cotton fabric blend. You really can’t go wrong!

Christina Alario

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  • Great tips and fun themes for a gender reveal party! Plus your swaddle blankets are darling! We have some darling gender reveal products on our site featuring confetti, balloons, and color powder explosions.

    Pink Baby Powder on

  • I am invited to my son’s girlfriend’s “Big Reveal Party” at her mother’s house on Friday, July 21. Since, I won’t know the sex of the baby until I get there, is this like a baby shower where people bring a gift for the baby?

    Cindy Ashline on

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