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The Zen Sleepwear: Harnessing The Power of Touch to Promote Better Sleep


In the journey of motherhood, discovering the significance of touch can be a profound realization. For our founder, Manasi Gangan, this revelation came when caring for her second son. As a mother, she experienced firsthand the comforting power of touch, especially when her son would only sleep in her arms. Determined to provide him with the same reassurance even when not physically cradled, Manasi turned to a technique commonly used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs): touch simulation.

"Inspired by the transformative effects of touch simulation on her son's sleep patterns, Manasi embarked on a mission to share this invaluable discovery with parents worldwide."

She envisioned a solution that could offer babies the familiar sensation of parental touch, promoting deeper and more restful sleep for both infants and parents alike.

With unwavering determination and a deep commitment to improving the lives of families, Manasi conceptualized an innovative line of sleepwear designed to mimic the comforting embrace of parental touch.

Fast forward to today, Nested Bean offers the most intuitive and innovative line of sleepwear designed to mimic the comforting embrace of parental touch. Each garment is crafted with soft, breathable fabrics and gentle self-soothing pads to simulate the light sensation of your palm on baby’s chest.

"Parents swear by the calming benefits of Zen Sleepwear, as their babies fall asleep easier and stay asleep through minor disturbances."

Nested Bean has helped millions of families and lives up to its commitment to help babies sleep and families thrive, because when families thrive, communities prosper.

We call it the Cuddle Effect™.

Athena S.

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