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To the Beach, Baby! Tips for Surviving Baby's 1st Beach Trip!

To the Beach, Baby! Tips for Surviving Baby's 1st Beach Trip!

Tips For Traveling to the Beach with Baby

what to pack for the beach

Are you heading to the beach this weekend? Don’t leave before checking out our tips for surviving baby’s first beach trip! We’ve partnered with Jeff and Beatrice, the founders of Beachmate, and Lauren, the mom behind Minding Mulloyto let you know how to prepare for your trip and what to pack to travel to the beach with your little ones. Make sure you read to the end to find out how you can WIN your very own Zen Swaddle or Sack and Beachmate System!

Prep Ahead to Travel with Baby 

If you’re planning to spend a day (or more) at the beach, do yourself a favor and start preparing the day before. Jeff and Beatrice Mellick, parents and co-founders of Beachmate, recommend packing all the essentials ahead of time – that way you’re not rushing around in the morning trying to pack your diaper bag and wrangle your kids in the car. For your beach vacation, be sure to pack wipes, diapers, lotion, a change of clothes and SNACKS! According to Jeff and Beatrice, “the first thing our kids do when they get to the beach is snack.” Lucky for you, Beachmate was created to fit all your essentials in one bag – so you can focus on the baby and not the “stuff.” 


Pro Tip: Pack a separate diaper bag to leave in the car. The last thing you’re going to want to have to do when you’re heading home at the beach is to dig through your inevitably sandy bag for diapers and wipes.


Speaking of preparing ahead…a long day in the sun can be surprisingly exhausting. So make sure you and your little one get plenty of rest the night before. The Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack are here to help with that! The gently weighted pads on the chest and sides give your baby a little extra comfort and security by mimicking your touch! So you can put baby down to sleep while you pack up your Beachmate Bag and car to prepare for the beach the following day! Also check out our 7 Highly Effective Sleep Tips to help get a good night's sleep, every night!

What to Pack for Your Beach Vacation  

First on the list? Your Beachmate system, which includes 2 shovels, small, medium, and large buckets (perfect for sandcastle building!), a cooler, and a tote bag. So basically, everything you’re going to need for entertainment. If there’s any extras you need to add on, like you beach chair and umbrella, use the adjustable Velcro straps to keep it all together.

Besides all the obvious essentials we already mentioned (diapers, wipes, lotion, and a change of clothes) one item you absolutely can’t forget is the shade. In hot temps, you need to bring your own shade to help keep baby cool – after all, they’re still figuring out how to regulate their own body temperature- and your older ones will appreciate it too! You can use a natural baby sunscreen, but it’s really best to keep them out of the rays as much as you can.  Consider a big beach umbrella, or even a small tent or canopyLauren recommends a small pop-up tent, "This has been a saving grace for us since Tenley was a newborn (she was born in Florida at the end of April) you can put everything in there that you don’t want sandy, including baby! usually they’ll nap in there as well!" Wide brim hats also help!

Pro Tip: Dig a shallow hole in the sand using your shovels and lay a towel inside to keep your baby in the cooler sand, and from crawling off anywhere! Or you can use the large bucket from your Beachmate system as a little beach tub to keep the baby cool and contained.

What you need to bring to the beach…and what you don’t 

Bringing plenty of snacks is a must when you’re headed to the beach. Toys are too – but don’t go overboard here! Beachmate was created after Jeff and Beatrice got sick and tired of breaking all the beach buckets and shovels out there now. They created the Beachmate toys to last – so you don’t need to worry about bringing any backup shovels or buckets. Keep in mind that the entire beach is a playground for little ones.

Lauren's must haves include her jogging stroller with rubber tires, her little one will usually fall asleep in it and stay asleep there for a good bit. Plus, they glide easily through the sand- especially when you pull them through the sand backwards. Lauren also recommends packing baby powder to help wipe away that pesky sand. Lauren's other tip: bring a clip on fan, " I just clip it to the stroller and he is one happy camper!" 

Besides your essential shovels and buckets, don’t spend time other toys – your baby will be much too occupied on discovering sand, shells, and waves. Digging their hands in the sand alone will keep them entertained. And for the older kiddos, the Beachmate toys are everything they need to create the ultimate sand castles and fortresses!


Reminders for Traveling to the Beach 

If you’re anything like my mom, you’re going to be nervous bringing your family to the beach – especially if it’s one of the first times. As much as you want to be able to relax, with a baby and kids running around, it’s hard not to be a nervous nelly around those waves. Jeff and Beatrice advise getting your kids comfortable with the water and waves. You can introduce your baby to the ocean by dipping their toes in the water coming ashore. Get in the water with your kids and help them enjoy the waves. And spend a little time on the car ride there explaining water and beach safety. You can even put them in a neon Beachmate swim shirt so they’ll stand out while playing in the water!

Remember to also set low expectations. If you’re hoping for a relaxing, peaceful day at the beach like you had B.C. (before children) then you’re most likely going to be disappointed. Be ready to turn it around at a moment’s notice – especially when it’s baby’s first trip!

And when you do leave, whether or not it was sooner than planned, remember not to leave anything behind. Beachmate makes it easy to consolidate everything in one place. So pack up your toys, snacks, and trash before you leave to keep the beach nice and clean for other families to enjoy!

traveling to the beach with baby

Alright, let’s recap.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your beach trip with some help from the Zen Swaddle.

  2. Pack your bags and car the night before – remember, all you need is the Beachmate hands-free system to make it easy.

  3. Bring your own shade for baby!

  4. Try to enjoy yourself and the water!

  5. Set expectations low and hope for the best!

GIVEAWAY *now closed*

3 lucky readers have the chance to win their choice of a Zen Swaddle or Zen Sack from Nested Bean AND a Beachmate system, which includes a tote, cooler, 5 multi-purpose buckets, and 2 industrial strength shovels, from Beachmate! All you have to do is share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter and tag Nested Bean (@nestedbean on Twitter) and Beachmate (@mybeachmate on Twitter)! Be sure to tag both or you won't be entered! For BONUS entries, follow @nestedbean @mybeachmate and @lu_mulloy on Instagram!

Giveaway ends July 30, 2017! Share and follow before then for your chance to win!

Also be sure to share your beach tips with us in the comments below!

Christina Alario

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  • I really liked your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

    beachtentforbabyblog on

  • Great ideas! I can’t wait to try these! Last time we went to the lake, I brought along a tin from my laundry
    detergent and the scoops that came with it and my daughter loved playing with them. Also,
    I highly recommend a swim diaper with velcro so it’s easier to change baby

    jery on

  • Bring more sunscreen than you thought you needed. Home depot has this great shade maker for your beach spot only weighs 7 lbs and less than $40.

    Anne Bussell on

  • Always limit Sun bathing and use the sunscreen properly.
    Sunglasses are important as well. Hydrate often.

    Ben Fabian on

  • Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen.

    Shelba Brooks on

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