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Wasn't in the baby books: When everyone wants to nap except your baby

You could use a nap…in fact, you could use ten naps. Your baby on the other hand? They’re on naptime strike.

You could use a nap...but what do you do when your baby refuses to nap?

Some babies fight naps when they’re overtired, some little ones need a certain atmosphere for daytime snoozing, others refuse to sleep without being held or rocked, and sometimes it’s a combination of all these things. Here’s what you can do to put the naptime nonsense to bed:

Avoid letting baby get overtired

Avoid a naptime nightmare by putting your little one to sleep as soon as they get drowsy. If you keep them awake too long, you’ll run the risk of having an overtired and fussy baby on your hands.

You can look for your baby’s sleepiness cues to know when it’s time to put them to sleep.

Try Zen Sleepwear

If you can’t put your drowsy baby down without them fussing or waking, Zen Sleepwear can help them calm easier and sleep longer. Its lightly weighted cuddle pads mimic your gentle touch, so your baby can still rest easy between cuddles with you. Which means you’ll have time to get stuff done…or take a nap yourself!

Zen Sack Classic

Sweeter Sleep Story

“Not one nap or bedtime happens without our Zen Sack! She sleeps 12 hours overnight and takes three 90 minute naps during the day with her sack on. As soon as it’s zipped up she relaxes and knows it’s time to sleep! So glad we found this!"

- Amanda P., 10/10/2018

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The Zen Sack™: the naptime solution

Shop Zen Sacks

Keep to your routine

Just like with nighttime sleep, a consistent routine for naptime can help prepare your little one for sleep. Use a shortened version of your bedtime routine and your baby will recognize these activities as a signal for sleep time.

Our bedtime routine checklist can help you make sure you’re checking off all the right boxes during naptime too.

Move to a soothing environment

Make sure you’re starting your naptime routine in a calm, quiet, dimly-lit area where your baby won’t be too distracted and can easily drift of to sleep.

Creating the perfect ambiance for sleep will help your baby go down for their naps much easier.

Know when it’s time for a change

Sometimes a baby fighting a nap can mean it’s time to switch things up. If your baby isn’t tired enough at naptime, try adjusting your naptime schedule and bedtime. If they’re still not getting drowsy, consider transitioning your baby to fewer naps.

Get an age-based naptime schedule & more naptime sleep tips sent right to your inbox.

Christina Alario

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