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4 Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep for Tired New Parents

When you’re a new parent struggling to get your little one to sleep, every second of Z’s counts, so we’re bringing you quick tips and tricks that could save you some coveted moments of rest. 

In This Article 

Warm it Up

Soothing Jammies

Keep it Calm

Be Consistent 

Common Questions from New Parents

Baby laying down in crib.

When it comes to getting your little one to sleep (so that you can finally get some rest), it’s safe to say new parents would try anything.  Luckily, you don’t have to because we’re sharing some of our tried and true tips for getting your infant to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Warm it Up

During the colder months, try slightly warming up your little one’s bassinet, crib, or sleep space. A simple way to do this is to place a heating pad on top of their sleep space at the beginning of your baby’s bedtime routine. By the time you’re ready to put them down to sleep, you can simply take the heating pad away before you lay them down in a nice warm, comfortable sleeping area.  

Soothing Jammies

One baby sleep trick you’ll want to tell all your parent friends about is Nested Bean’s line of safely weighted sleepwear. Zen Sleepwear’s revolutionary design places gentle weight in key areas of the sleepwear to mimic the soothing feeling of a parent’s touch. An absolute must-have if you need your baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

“Absolutely love our Nested Bean sleep sack! Olivia would not sleep in her bed without waking up every 5 minutes until we got this! Within a week she’s now sleeping almost completely through the night! 100% recommend,” says Nested Bean mama, Mariah C.

Baby asleep in crib.

Keep it Calm

Baby’s are very sensitive to auditory and visual stimuli, which makes them very light sleepers. A sound or light that might not wake you up out of a sound sleep will almost always wake baby up! Luckily, there are a few hacks that have saved many-a-parent from a restless night. 

  • Door Latch Stopper

Tape, or a simple rubber band, can be applied to the door latch in your nursery, or you can purchase one at the store. Either way, it will help avoid doors from latching shut and causing a ruckus while you’re sneaking away from your drowsy baby.

  • Darkening Window Shades 

Infants are very light sensitive, so while a street light or stray beam of light from your neighbor's living room might not bother you,  it will likely disturb your little one. An easy solution to their light sensitivity is darkening or black-out window treatments. They come in the form of shades or curtains, so pick your esthetic and help your little one sleep soundly!

Mom putting baby to sleep in crib.

Be Consistent

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, a consistent bedtime routine is the best way to help baby (and you) get a restful night’s sleep. Even before your little one is at the age to begin sleep training, a structured bedtime routine will cue to baby’s brain and body to start getting sleepy.

“Research shows that children who follow bedtime routines are more likely to go to sleep earlier, take less time falling asleep, sleep longer, and wake up less during the night. These benefits to sleep quality are still seen years later in children who followed bedtime routines when they were younger,” according to the Sleep Foundation

Common questions from new parents

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