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Zen One: the solution to your swaddle struggles

It’s easy to feel like you’re alone in your sleep struggles when it’s 2am and your baby is wailing at the exact decibel that makes your heart feel like it’s going to crumble. 

You haven’t sat down, eaten anything or used the bathroom in peace in what seems like days, but you’re not the only parent who dreads bedtime with the fire of a thousand suns.

You’re now part of a timeless tribe of moms who have gone through dozens of swaddles and octopus-like wraps trying to get their precious bundle to sleep. All that guesswork is anything but exhaustion friendly, which is why we’ve met the struggle head on and invented the only swaddle you’ll ever need: the Zen One

swaddle struggles

Swaddling: a moving target

It’s always fun trying to steer a fragile yet freakishly strong baby limbs into an over-engineered swaddle. Worse yet, is finally figuring out where the Velcro straps and snap tabs go only to realize it’s time to size up again and take on the task of mastering an entirely new contraption. 

While the entire line of Zen sleepwear is designed to be convenient as well as effective, the Zen One™ takes efficiency up a few notches with a thoughtful design that adapts to multiple sleep styles, growing with your baby for continuous comfort.

  • For newborns: Zen One has a secure inner band that holds your baby’s arms tight to prevent wake-ups from startle reflex, and improve your baby’s sleep.
  • For active sleepers: Once moro reflex subsides and your baby wants a little more freedom, Zen One has quick-drying mesh sleeves to promote self-soothing for thumb suckers. 
  • For transitioning: The Zen One’s mesh sleeves are removable so you can swaddle with one or both arms out, making it a safe option for your baby once they start rolling over. 

The Zen One™, the only swaddle you'll ever need.

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No more loosey-goosey

In the hospital, the nurse used some kind of magic wrapping technique to turn a square piece of cloth into a picture-perfect swaddle and your little baby burrito was so cute you almost couldn’t breathe. 

At home, that same square of fabric somehow comes unfurled the second you turn your back. 

Not very useful- especially in the middle of the night!  The Zen One’s inner velcro secure band and 2-way zipper has a zipper to make it easy to get a snug fit every time—not to mention, late night diaper changes just got a whole lot easier.

Zen One’s simple zippered closure isn’t rocket science, it’s just the kind of user-friendly feature moms need at their fingertips in the middle of the night.

Freedom from choice

Yes, you read that correctly. Having dozens of swaddles to choose from seems like a good thing until you’ve spent hours staring at your online shopping cart and weighing the pros and cons of every swaddle and which style will best suit your baby. 

Will she want to sleep arms in or out? Will you be able to undress her and change her diaper at night without a roadmap? What about when she starts rolling over?

The Zen One Classic helps moms skip over the tedious games of 20 questions and gets right to the good stuff: sleep. 

Whether your baby sleeps arms in, arms out, or any way in between, the Zen One’s versatile features can accommodate.

(Almost) as soothing as a parent

Nothing can ever truly replace your touch, but when you need to get some sleep of your own, Zen One is ready to step in. 

The swaddle’s gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ on the chest and sides mimic the pressure of your hand and embrace, calming baby and enabling her to get the rest she needs to thrive.

Thanks to the thoughtfully designed features, the Zen One swaddle has got your baby (and you!) covered through every age and sleep stage from birth to 6 months—it’s truly the only swaddle you’ll ever need!


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Athena S.

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