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Zen Bodysuit Classic

Nested Bean




$ 39.99

"She was so happy to have her feet free! I can put her down wide-eyed and she'll be out in minutes!" -Ashley S.

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COVID-19: Taking proactive measures
We are working with our production facilities, distribution centers and logistics partners, and taking special steps to protect the health of our customers and our communities—with strict adherence to CDC and WHO guidelines, enhanced safety measures and expanded customer service.

CPSIA: Exceeding regulatory measures
The Zen Bodysuit exceeds rigorous safety standards, both mandatory and voluntary, by over 8 times.

Tests have been performed in leading safety laboratories and inspected by pediatric pulmonologists for breathing safety.

The gently weighted Zen Bodysuit echoes your reassuring touch on baby’s chest, so your little one always feels comforted and secure, like in your embrace!
- Perfect for active sleepers who don’t like their legs confined
- Can be worn in car-seats, strollers or swings with harness
- Zen Bodysuit Classic is perfect for year-round comfort

- Age: 3-6 months 
- Weight: 11-15 lbs / 5-7 kgs 
- Height: 23-25 inches / 58-65 cms

- Age: 6-9 months 
- Weight: 16-22 lbs / 7-10 kgs 
- Height: 25-28.5 inches / 63-72 cms

* When determining which size is best for your baby, look at the minimum weight, and the maximum height. Your baby should not be below the minimum weight, but they should have at least 2 inches to grow into the maximum height.

Fabric details:
- Made from 100% breathable cotton
- Perfect for year-round comfort
- TOG 0.5

Care details:
- Wash in cold water on delicate cycle
- Tumble dry on low heat

- Free 2-3 day shipping within the U.S. Orders ship next business day.
- Returns within 60 days of purchase (soiled products should be washed before returning)
- Customer pays for returns

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Gently weighted

A lightly weighted pressure pad on the center and soft poly-fill across the chest, help soothe your baby into a peaceful slumber, until they’re back in your embrace happy and rested.

Legs & feet free

Designed with active sleepers in mind, the Zen Bodysuit gives your little one’s legs the freedom to kick, stretch, and wiggle all they want while they sleep.

Sweeter sleep on the go

Naptime happens on the go when you lead an active life so take your Zen Bodysuit with you. Safe for use in strollers, car seats, and anywhere else your baby likes to take a snooze.

Cozy, high-quality cotton

Made from 100% super soft cotton, the Zen Bodysuit Classic is cozy, yet breathable, for year-round comfort and is durable enough to hold up to many washes.

Other options for little dreamers

Zen Neo™


Recommended age: Newborn

Why we love it: Loaded with parent-friendly features ( & its a 2-pack)

Sizes: One size
Newborn (6.5-11 lbs)

Fabrics: Cotton & spandex

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is The Cuddle Effect™?

    Medical experts agree: it’s not just the swaddling, the rocking, the lullabies that soothe your baby to sleep. It’s your touch. And it’s vital to your baby’s well-being. Recent scientific research on Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) shows that babies experience the Cuddle Effect when they feel gentle pressure in the places you naturally hold them. That means longer, sweeter sleep—until they’re back in your arms.

  • Which size is best for my baby?

    When determining which size is best for your baby, refer to the size chart and look at the minimum weight, and the maximum height. Your baby should not be below the minimum weight, but they should have plenty of room to grow into the maximum height.

  • Is the Zen Bodysuit safe for babies who roll over?

    The Zen Bodysuit is perfectly safe for babies who roll during sleep! The weight is light and flexible, so it will nearly flatten underneath your baby's body.

  • Can the Zen Bodysuit be paired with a swaddle or sleep sack?

    Yes, the Zen Bodysuit can be paired with a plain, unweighted swaddle or sleep sack! Please do not pair weighted pjs with weighted swaddle or sleep sack. This would be too much weight for your little one’s tiny body!

  • How much weight is in each product?

    Physiotherapy standards were used to determine the appropriate weight in the Zen Sleepwear. These weight requirements ensure that the weight to body-weight ratio is maintained well below the recommended Physiotherapy standard of 1:10. Depending on the size of the product, the weighted parts range from 1 to 5 ounces.

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