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4 Different ways to use the Zen One™ swaddle

How to swaddle

The Zen One is the only swaddle you’ll ever need from birth to rolling over. Why? Because it’s our most versatile product yet. Learn the 4 ways to use the Zen One swaddle and which one is right for your baby’s current sleep stage below.

How do I know which way I should use the Zen One™ with my baby?

Newborns: Secure bands holds arms down to prevent startle reflex. See Option 1 or Option 2.

Active sleepers: Breathable mesh sleeves keep arms in but visible. See Option 3

Transitioning babies: Removable sleeves allow one or both arms out for range of movement. See Option 4.

Learn more about the Zen One features. 

Option 1: Arms down, secured by band 

If you have a newborn who is experiencing the startle reflex, the best way to use the Zen One is to fasten the inside secure band to swaddle their arms down. Simply wrap the band around their lower arms, making sure it is tight enough to prevent their arms from wiggling up. Then, zip up the Zen One swaddle and let your little one drift off to sleep.

Option 1: swaddle with arms down

What to look for: When placing your baby in the product, make sure the product neckline falls right at the base of baby's neck. This will ensure that the product does not ride up as the baby moves.

Option 2: Arms free and down, with band around the waist 

If you have a baby that likes a bit more freedom and moves a lot during sleep, but still needs to be tightly swaddled, use the Zen One with arms free and down. Simply wrap the band around your baby’s waist and leave their arms down by their sides, then zip up the swaddle. This allows your baby to move their hands into the mesh sleeves  during the night as they wiggle, but still keep them contained within the swaddle.

Swaddle with arms out using secure inner band

What to look for: When the secure band is not being used to position the baby’s hands by their sides, it should be secured comfortably around the baby’s belly. This also prevents the product from riding up on a squirmy baby.

Option 3:  Hands in mesh sleeves for thumb-suckers

If you have a baby that loves to self-soothe and have access to their hands, using the Zen One with arms in mesh sleeves is the best option for your baby. The mesh sleeves will allow you to keep their arms in but visible. The breathable mesh is quick drying and will keep your baby dry and comfortable during the night.

Swaddle with arms out using breathable mesh sleeves

Option 4: Arms free, with zip-off sleeves

For a baby that has shown signs of beginning to roll over, or just likes their arms to be completely free, we recommend using the Zen One with one or both mesh sleeves removed. This allows for your baby to have range of movement with their arms and helps ease the transition from a swaddle to an arms free solution. 

Swaddle with arms free

If your baby is used to being swaddled with their arms down, out, or in the mesh sleeves, you'll want to gradually transition to using the Zen One with arms free by only removing one sleeve at a time. Check out our swaddle transition plan.

What to look for: When reattaching the sleeves, the zipper should start at the back of the product and zip over the baby’s shoulder to the front. The final position should be at your baby’s armpit. If you’re having trouble zipping the sleeves back on, try switching them.