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To The Consumer Product Safety Commission,

I am writing to express my full support for Nested Bean infant sleep sacks and swaddles and encourage you to allow the sale of these safe sleep tools at major retailers.

Millions of families and parents like myself are caring for infants who struggle to sleep. It’s as common a problem as it is frustrating – both for parents and their babies.

Nested Bean’s lightly-weighted swaddles and sleep sacks, lend a helping hand to parents like me. They mimic the gentle touch of a parent, and that little touch has gone a long way for us on many nights.

When it comes to infants, safety is the number one priority. I was glad to hear that the CPSC staff reviewed the sleep sacks in early 2023 and determined that they did not pose a risk.

The risk comes in restricting their sale. In fact, I am concerned that such restrictions may push frustrated parents to try unsafe methods. That would be an unnecessary outcome.

We have a solution, attested by parents like me: Nested Bean’s swaddles and sleep sacks. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to allow Nested Bean products to be sold at major retailers.