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Manasi's Blog

Simple Self-Care Moments for Our Busy Minds

Manasi Gangan

With most of us working from home, the busy lives of young parents are being challenged even further. Although the short commute from our bedroom or kitchens to the home office has its perks, the lack of separation from home and work environments has many looking for ways to destress from work, before taking on all that full family life throws at us.

The Nested Bean line emerged from a personal need, a “what if?” - and the deep desire to help millions of other sleep deprived parents like me. After almost 10 years of pursuing this idea with passion and determination, we’ve...

Dear Hubby, I may not always agree with your parenting style, but I do agree that you are the most loving dad our kids could ever have. While I thought them virtuous lessons, you taught them key life lessons—here's the most important ones.

Choosing to stay awake

Manasi Gangan

To our community:  My heart ached as I witnessed the violent incidents that continue to plague African American communities. As a mother of two Indian American boys I wondered what must go through the minds of moms and dads raising...

Meditate – It’s good for you.

Manasi Gangan

Meditation is the practice that teaches us how to switch our awareness from an external state to go in-wards, so that we can reach our higher self. There are many benefits to meditation, but these are my top 4 reasons meditation helps me through my daily life as a mother and CEO. 

A Mother's Day Note

Manasi Gangan

Hey mamas,  Almost 8 weeks into the new norm and we seem to have found a relatively stable routine. It has been anything but easy—but we did it. And that’ what mother’s do, isn’t it? As moms we are enablers....

Every new mom has been there: up at all hours of the night, bloodshot eyes, rocking her baby and one-handed-Googling 'how to get my baby to sleep” trying to figure out what exactly this tiny human needs.  Almost ten years...

My boys are 14 and 9. Google has been a part of their home and student lives for as long as they can remember. Hey Google, “What’s the weather like? How should I dress for school?” Hey Google, “Play ‘Happy’...

You’ve carefully thought through your baby registry, and now you’ve assembled all the right equipment. Stroller: check. Car seat: check. Adorable nursery? Check. Diaper bag: packed and ready. You are fully prepared to welcome your baby into your home. But...