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10 life lessons from dad: a letter to my husband on Father's Day

Dear Hubby, 

With the news that we were going to be parents, came joy, paranoia and much advice—most of it unsolicited. I got parenting books, so many good books. But then someone said, “you'll just figure it out as you go”. I remember you taking to that mantra like a duck to water. 

From then on (and to my utter dismay), all books on 'how to be a good dad' lay pristine and untouched. After our first son was born, I encouraged you to read to him. You read him Car and Driver magazine. While I insisted on a strict bedtime routine, you insisted that 8pm was the best time to fly him like an airplane. 

I taught our sons virtuous lessons. You taught them, as you like to call them "key life lessons". 10 that bubble to the top are:

  1. “Gangnam style” – should not be attempted... at home or anywhere
  2. How to always land the most elegant backhand in tennis
  3. Leaving socks in the hamper is totally optional
  4. Sunny days are to be spent outside
  5. Cars have souls
  6. A strong work ethic pays off
  7. How not to sing
  8. All’s well that ends well
  9. It’s not procrastination, its endurance!
  10. Bear hugs make everything OK

I may not always agree with your parenting style, but I do agree that you are the most loving dad our kids could ever have. Happy Father's Day!

Your wife.

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Manasi Gangan

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