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4 Steps to a Non-Boring All White Nursery

4 Steps to a Non-Boring All White Nursery

Normally, you probably wouldn’t think that an all-white color scheme would be a good idea for any room. But, Pinterest has proven us all wrong with STUNNING all-white nurseries that will seriously make you swoon. And you might be thinking…I could never make that happen. But again, you would be wrong. Because you have our help! We’ve curated our favorite all-white nurseries on our Pearl White Pinterest board for you to draw some serious inspiration from. Also, more good news. Our Pearl White swaddle is a must-have for any nursery because not only will it fit in your color scheme (or lack thereof), it will also make your baby sleep better. And I think you know what that means: more sleep for you!

If you’re looking for a modern, neutral, and simple nursery design, a monochromatic modern nursery is the perfect look for you. But if you’re worried about it looking too washed out, we’ve got some advice for you.

Step 1: Pick Your Color Scheme

Yeah, I know, I know, the whole point of an all-white nursery is having the absence of color. But do you know how many whites there are?? A LOT. It’s like how that white shirt you bought at one store looks different than those white jeans you bought somewhere else. They are both white, but still two different colors.

This is going to happen in the nursery. You buy products, furniture, and décor from a variety of places – so none will be the exact same shade of white. To stay away from having too many different shades, you should try to either pick “cold whites” or “warm whites.” Look at the paint color samples below. See how the Benjamin Moore Paper White has an almost grey-ish tone to it? That’s a “cold white” whereas the Farrow & Ball Pointing looks a little more yellow-y, making it a “warm white.” The differences are subtle, but they’re pretty visible once you look closely. Once you find a white that you like for the walls, compare a paint sample with anything else you buy for the room to make sure you’re sticking with “warms” or “colds.”

Step 2: Texturize

Normally you would draw interest in the room using color, but in an all white nursery, you don’t have that option. To create an appealing design, you need to break up all the white with different points of interest, the first being texture. This is super easy to achieve with a few simple items. One of my favorite are these knit “poufs”, of floor pillows. These can be used in place of an ottoman in front of your glider and bring in interesting texture. I like this one from RH Baby & Child.

Rugs are another great way to bring in texture. Chances are, your nursery room probably doesn’t already have wall-to-wall white carpeting…because that would be crazy….and so so dirty. So getting a white rug to cover whatever color flooring already exists is the best way to make it fit into your all white nursery. This white braided rug from Rugs USA is really cute and it’s 70% off (you’re welcome). But if you’re really smart, you’ll consider investing in a washable rug. Yep, you heard that right. A rug that you can literally throw in your washing machine. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Lorena Canals is kind of a genius for coming up with this, and their Ombre Dark Grey (works best with cool whites) and Polka Dots Beige (works best with warm whites) rugs fit in perfectly with an all white nursery.

Step 3: Work the Angle

Angles can be another point of interest in an all white nursery, and it’s easy to incorporate them with your furniture. If you’re going for the modern look, you’ll want to find things with very clean, straight lines. Let’s start with the crib.

This White Carousel Crib from the Land of Nod is perfect. It’s got those smooth, clean lines. I’m also a fan of this Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib because it looks just as modern as the Carousel, but it’s a little more angular with straight corners and fun, angled legs.


For your dresser/changing table, I like either this Cargo 6-Drawer Dresser from the Land of Nod, or this ROH Dresser from the Project Nursery Shop. The Cargo Dresser has brown wooden handles, which are a nice accent, while the Project Nursery dresser uses metal knobs, also a nice accent and great way to utilize metallics in the room.
Another really fun piece is this end table, also from the Project Nursery Shop. It’s hexagon shape make it the perfect angular addition to any nursery and will go great next to your white glider.


Step 4: Write It Out

You know what pairs perfectly with white? The absence of all colors….which is black. Did you know that white is actually the sum of all colors, and black is none of them? Don’t ask me to explain, but it’s true. Trust me.

Interestingly, research shows that a baby's nursery, and all of its decorative elements, helps stimulate and shape their intellect. That's right, as a baby, 80% of their information is gathered solely through vision.  - Architectural Digest

You could always add a pop of color to your white nursery if you wanted. Perhaps a calming blue or bold red. But black and white is truly classic and timeless, especially in text form. There’s nothing more darling than a super simple quote written in black text on a white background. I personally love this Wild World print and this You Are So Loved wall art from Etsy. If you love those, then these personalized crib sheets from Etsy too. You can get your baby’s name featured on them in this pretty script font. This I Love You to the Moon and Back crib sheet is also a winner.

Follow this advice, and you’re sure to have the perfect all-white nursery!

Christina Alario

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