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16 Best gifts for new parents

16 best gift for new parents

Your best friend just had a baby. Mazel tov! You’re so excited that your friend is growing their family and you’re ready with open arms and an eager heart to welcome this new little one. Now what?

Sure, you can send flowers or pick up a cute onesie—but why not get them something they truly need. 

If you are not sure what the perfect gift will be for your new friends and their bundle of joy, don’t fret. We have gathered the most thoughtful (and helpful) gifts for new parents and are sure that there is something on this list that will fit your favorite new parents.

Thoughtful gifts for new parents

Gifts for new parents can be tricky to buy. You may not know exactly what they need, and you don’t want to be wasteful by purchasing items they already have or don’t want. 

Thoughtful gifts for new parents

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them a gift from the heart. Here are five of the most thoughtful gifts for new parents:

Parenting books

A great gift idea for first-time parents that won’t break the bank, is a good parenting book or two. While most pregnant moms typically read through a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” consider a book for both mom and dad: “What to Expect the1st Year,” or if you want to get less technical and more fun, consider giving dad: This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists.”

Parenting books make great gifts that any new parent would appreciate having on hand. You can gift them a book you found really helpful or a gift card to your local book shop where they can pick out their own.

Baby books

If you make a stop at your local bookstore, walk down and take a look at some best sellers. Books are great for the baby’s development! And, books make great keepsakes. 

A baby book is a great gift that the new parents can keep forever as a reminder of those newborn nights with their little bundle of joy. Also, if these new parents ever have more children, any baby book you get them now can last for many years and be the love for other children to come. 

Memory album

These new parents are about to experience a whole new world and an entirely new life, and they’re going to want to document it. 

They won’t have time to think about getting a memory album after their bundle of joy arrives, so why not give them one as a gift? By giving a memory album as a gift, you’re giving them the perfect way to remember all the details about their baby for years to come.

Front baby carrier

If you're looking for a gift that's practical, thoughtful, and maybe even a little indulgent, you can't go wrong with the gift of a front baby carrier.

A front baby carrier is a great way for new parents to get things done while keeping their babies snug and close. 

Coffee subscription

New parents are running on fumes. A small but thoughtful gift, like a coffee subscription, can give new parents something to look forward to when they can't always make time for themselves.

The goal is to get them something sustainable that will support their efforts to start their morning off right. 

We're talking about a long-term gift subscription (3 months or more) from a highly rated roaster that offers relatively quick shipping and delivers whole bean blends so they can get it ground fresh for the brewing method of their choice. 

This will encourage them to take a few minutes for themselves every day — even if it's just to savor a cup of joe.

Fun ways to pamper new parents

New parents will face challenges that even the most generous gifts can't solve. But a gift to pamper new parents can bring some relaxation into their lives — and a good friend or relative who cares enough to get it for them is always appreciated. Here are some ideas to consider:

Back and neck massager

New parents are working overtime, and they need a little TLC. A back and neck massager is a great gift for any new mom or dad.

This back or neck massager is the perfect way to pamper new parents. Body massagers can help alleviate body aches caused by sitting in the same position for long periods of time while feeding or changing the baby. Neck massagers can help relieve tension caused by carrying the baby around all day.

New parents can use their massager at home after putting their child down for a nap or at night before going to bed. 

Sleeping masks

You know the age-old saying, “sleep when baby sleeps.” If you are a parent - you know that it can be nearly impossible to do that - especially when sunlight is beaming into your at 12 in the afternoon. 

For new moms, a sleeping mask can be especially important. 

Significant sleep disruptions and insomnia symptoms were found in 87.5% of post-partum women.

Lack of sleep can take its toll on one’s health, not to mention one’s mood, so this gift might be just what the doctor ordered.

Soft robe and slippers

New parents are stressed and sleep-deprived. A soft robe and slippers can be the perfect present because they're both functional and a treat.

A soft robe that feels like a hug is something they can slip into to feel cozy and comfortable while they're spending most of their time moving in and out of a nursery.

And, slippers can pull double duty, keeping feet warm around the house and helping mom and dad keep quiet when tip-toeing out of the nursery trying not to wake up sleeping children.

House cleaning

You can't find many new parents who don't need help at home. A new baby is very demanding and there are other things more important than cleaning the bathroom or sweeping the floors. 

So why not hire someone else to do it? Hiring a cleaning service is a great way to take some of the burden of “keeping house,” off mom and dad. Let them take time to enjoy baby, while someone else comes in to help clean those floorboards. 

Food: delivery e-card, meal kit service, homemade 

Another extremely helpful thing for new parents is having meals delivered right to their door. Not having to worry about what’s for dinner is amazing! You can opt to deliver food that is ready to eat, or meal kits are simple to assemble, cook and enjoy. 

House cleaning and food delivery make especially thoughtful ways to pamper new parents from relatives and friends who do not live nearby.

Useful baby gifts

The best gifts for new parents are those that make life a bit easier. New parents are already busy enough and they don't want to be bombarded with a ton of stuff they will never use, so stick to the essential.

Here's a list of the best useful gifts that your new parent will be thankful they have:

Sound machine 

Getting a good night's sleep is probably the most important thing for new parents, but it can be hard to come by. 

A sound machine is an easy way to help baby (and mom and dad) fall asleep — and stay asleep.

Sound machines are designed to help drown out the noise of everyday life, like traffic and the neighbor's dog barking. They work by making a gentle whoosing sound that helps people relax and fall asleep faster, as well as masking outside noises.

Weighted sleep sack

One of our favorite gifts for new parents is something called a sleep sack. It helps keep babies warm and cozy, and it gives them the sensation of being held by someone — even when they're lying in their crib.

Newborns are used to being in their mom's womb for nine months. That's where they feel safe and secure, so anything you can do to simulate that experience will help them transition smoothly into life outside the womb. A weighted sleep sack does ju

Toy subscription box

Help parents keep an uncluttered, prepared environment for their little one with a baby development toy subscription. 

New parents can be overwhelmed with gifts for their baby. One useful and unique gift that is sure to be appreciated for months to come is a baby development toy box. This is a monthly subscription that delivers toys, books, and activities that are all age appropriate for baby’s development.

Baby changing station

Diaper blowouts tend to happen in the least opportune moments, and parents never know when they are going to need to change a diaper on the go. 

So, gifting a compact travel changing mat will absolutely come in handy. In addition, a wet/dry bag will keep the soiled clothing separate from the clean items. Making it perfect for carrying dirty diapers, soiled clothing, used bibs, burp cloths and dirty diapers.

Bottle sanitizer

A bottle sanitizer is a very useful gift for new parents. These handy gadgets help ensure that baby’s bottles are as clean as possible and take one chore off the list of things to do in a day.

Check baby registry

Be sure to check the new parents' baby registry list and choose something they have asked for. 

By shopping off their list, you can ensure that you're getting them something they'll use and appreciate.

Baby gifts purchased off of registries are also guaranteed to be safe for little ones and meet all safety requirements.

That’s a wrap

Now that you know some of our favorite best gifts for new parents, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your new parents to be.

While many of these gifts are ones you can purchase at a store - there is another gift that we know your friends would like alongside whatever you purchase, and that is the gift of your help. 

When you purchase the best gift off this list, try and deliver it in person. This will give you the opportunity to spend time with the new parents, see how they are doing, offer help and get some baby snuggles. 

If you still have not found the perfect gift for your new parents, check out our article on the best baby shower gifts which will provide you with more baby-specific items from sleep, play, health, equipment - and even what not to get. 

Athena S.

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