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Best Swaddle for Baby Who Hates Swaddles

Welcoming a new baby is an adventure filled with joy, love, and, a few sleepless nights - especially if you discover that your newborn hates swaddle wraps. This can be perplexing as most newborns love the warm, tender embrace of a swaddle.

Swaddling was supposed to be your secret weapon to get your kid asleep fast and keep them asleep. But if my baby hates being swaddled, what can I do? We’re here to help!

We’ll unpack all the signs baby doesn’t want to be swaddled and introduce you to the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles, right here at Nested Bean. Our weighted baby swaddle is trusted by millions of parents worldwide and we are confident your child will love it too!

You’ll also gain tips on making the most of your swaddle for a baby that doesn’t typically love swaddles, and we’ll offer other solutions beyond our swaddle. That being said, let’s start with the signs your baby doesn’t want to be swaddled.

Signs Baby Doesn’t Want to Be Swaddled

Not every baby settles into that cozy 'burrito' feeling with ease when it comes to swaddling. Some might outright protest, leaving new parents puzzled as to why their baby cries in sleep

Recognizing the signs baby doesn’t want to be swaddled is the first step in adapting your approach to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.

Identifying Discomfort: Behavioral Cues to Watch For

One clear signal that your baby may not be enjoying the swaddle is a sudden change in behavior at swaddle time. 

Watch for signs of agitation or distress, such as stiffening of the body or flailing limbs, when you bring out the swaddle blanket. 

These physical reactions are a baby's non-verbal way of saying, “I'm not comfortable with this”.

Vocal Expressions: Crying and Fussiness as Indicators

Crying is your baby’s most direct form of communication as we discussed in our breakdown of the different baby cries meaning. If your little one begins to cry or becomes unusually fussy as soon as they’re swaddled, it’s a vocal clue that they might dislike the sensation. 

Pay attention to these cues - persistent crying or increased fussiness each time you swaddle could be their way of saying the snug wrap isn't for them. Learn more about what to do if your newborn cries when put down in our blog.

Physical Resistance: Squirming and Escaping Attempts

A baby who frequently wiggles their arms free, or tries to kick off the fabric, is likely feeling constrained. Some babies enjoy the secure feeling of a swaddle - particularly, a newborn won't sleep unless held will benefit from swaddling.

However, others may find it too restrictive and make consistent efforts to escape. This physical resistance is an important sign. It indicates your baby prefers more freedom of movement while sleeping. So, take note of if your baby keeps breaking out of swaddle.

Common Reasons Your Newborn Hates Swaddles

You know the signs baby doesn’t want to be swaddled…but what gives? How can some babies love being swaddled and yet your newborn hates swaddle wraps? 

Chances are, it’s not the swaddle in general, but the specific swaddle you’re using or how you’re using it. Here are some common reasons why your newborn may not take to swaddles.

Overheating: Recognizing the Signs

Babies are less able to regulate their body temperature than older children and adults. This is why it’s so important to know how to dress newborn for sleep.

A swaddle that’s too warm can lead to overheating, a serious risk for infants. Signs of overheating include sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash, and rapid breathing. 

If your baby seems hot and bothered in their swaddle, it might be time to reassess the material and thickness of the swaddling blanket or the overall temperature of their sleeping environment.

Desire for Movement: Understanding Your Baby’s Need for Mobility

Some babies simply prefer to have a greater range of motion than what a swaddle allows. They may want to move their arms and legs freely, which is natural and healthy for muscle development and motor skills. 

It's essential to respect these needs for mobility. If your baby seems frustrated by the constraints of a swaddle, it could be an indicator that it's time to transition to less restrictive sleepwear.

And remember - you can try other swaddling techniques, too. We have guides on how to swaddle with arms out or swaddle with arms up for kids who want to move their arms as they sleep.

Sensory Preferences: Texture and Tightness Sensitivities

Each baby has unique sensory preferences. The texture of the swaddle fabric against their skin or the pressure around their body can be uncomfortable for sensitive infants. Some might find certain materials itchy or dislike the sensation of being wrapped tightly. 

Paying close attention to how your baby reacts to different textiles and swaddling techniques can provide valuable insights into their comfort preferences.

What to Look for in a Swaddle For Baby Who Hates Swaddles

Now we want to help you find the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles. What should you look for in your swaddle if you notice the signs baby doesn’t want to be swaddled?

Material Matters: Breathability and Softness

The fabric of the swaddle is paramount. Look for breathable materials that prevent overheating, such as lightweight cotton or muslin, which allow for air circulation while keeping your baby snug. 

Softness is also crucial since babies have delicate skin that is sensitive to harsh textures. Choose a swaddle that feels gentle to the touch, like a soft caress, rather than a scratchy encumbrance.

Adjustability for Comfort: Finding the Right Fit

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for every infant, especially for those who dislike swaddling. 

A swaddle that offers adjustable wings or straps can be tailored to provide a snug, but not too tight, fit around your baby. 

This way, you can ensure their comfort and decrease any feelings of restraint they might associate with swaddling.

Ease of Use: Simplifying the Swaddling Process

Let’s face it: swaddling can seem like a complicated origami project, especially during late-night changes. Select a swaddle that simplifies this process. 

Some designs come with intuitive wraps, zippers, or Velcro that make swaddling less of a chore. This means less fuss for you and less disruption for your baby. It also prevents the headaches associated with those middle-of-the-night diaper changes!

Safety Features: Ensuring Peace of Mind

Safety is the non-negotiable aspect of any baby product above all else. The best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles is one that aligns with the safe sleep guidelines provided by pediatric experts. 

It should fit snugly enough that the fabric won’t come loose and pose a risk, but it should also allow for the natural movement of the baby’s hips and legs. The swaddle should not have any loose ties or small parts that can become hazards.

Introducing the Best Swaddle For Baby Who Hates Swaddles at Nested Bean

Every parent has faced the challenge of a restless night with the discover that your newborn hates swaddle wraps. At Nested Bean, we've taken this challenge to heart and crafted a solution: our unique swaddle selection, with the Zen One leading the charge.

What Separates Our Swaddles From the Rest?

The Zen One is the embodiment of innovation and care. It’s a comforting companion for your baby, designed to mimic a parent's soothing touch. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Scientific Design: Engineered to facilitate self-soothing and promote deeper sleep, the Zen One’s gentle weight is strategically placed to calm your baby, akin to how you would hold them.
  • Adaptable Fit: It accommodates different sleep styles and transitions. Whether your baby prefers arms in or out, the Zen One adjusts to their comfort.
  • Breathable Cotton: We use 100% breathable cotton to ensure all-year comfort, with a TOG rating perfect for any season.
  • Safety Verified: With safety at its core, the Zen One is tested for suffocation hazards and certified as hip-healthy, ensuring it’s as safe as it is effective.

Our swaddle is trusted by more than 2 million parents around the world, and we guarantee it’ll improve sleep in as little as 1-3 nights! That being said, it’s just one of the different types of swaddles we have in store for you at Nested Bean…

Choosing the Right Swaddle

It's essential to consider their unique needs and your lifestyle when choosing the right swaddle for your baby. Nested Bean offers three innovative swaddles alongside our primary weighted option to ensure your baby's comfort through every stage of their early development:

  • Zen Neo™ zipper swaddle: Ideal for the newest members of the family, this swaddle is a snug haven for infants between 7 and 11 lbs. It's designed to mimic the close quarters of the womb, providing a pod-like embrace. With a weighted Cuddle Pad™ for gentle pressure and a secure, two-way zipper, the Zen Neo™ makes transitions smoother and sleep safer, all while facilitating those middle-of-the-night diaper changes.
  • Zen One™ arms up swaddle: As your baby grows and their sleep patterns evolve, the Zen One™ swaddle adapts. It features a unique combination of lightly weighted areas and adjustable design to cater to various sleep styles, from tightly swaddled newborns to babies needing more movement. With removable sleeves and a secure inner band to minimize startles, the Zen One™ serves as both a classic swaddle and a transitional sleep sack, providing comforting continuity for babies up to 6 months old.
  • Zen Premier bamboo rayon fabric swaddle: Softness is paramount with the Premier Bamboo Rayon Fabric Swaddle. Blending bamboo rayon for luxurious softness and cotton for strength, this option is naturally anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for sensitive skin and warmer climates. It's lightweight yet comforting, with gentle weights strategically placed to soothe the Moro reflex, ensuring your baby feels cradled and calm.

Each of these swaddles is thoughtfully designed with your baby's safety and your peace of mind at the forefront. They're rigorously tested and approved by pediatric pulmonologists to exceed safety standards, assuring that you're making the best choice for your little one's rest.

You Can Consider Trying One of Our Sleep Sacks if Your Baby Doesn’t Like Swaddle Wraps, Too!

We’re confident that you’ll agree - the Nested Bean weighted swaddle is the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles. That being said, some newborns hate swaddles no matter what measures you take to accomodate them. That’s where a sleep sack comes in.

You can learn about the purpose of sleep sack and the benefits of sleep sack in our blog. But, just know that these are very similar to swaddles expect that your kiddo’s arms are free. We’ll talk more about the difference between a swaddle vs sleep sack shortly.

Transitioning With Ease: The Role of Sleep Sacks

You know why swaddling baby is powerful - but eventually, you’ll need to make the swaddle transition to a sleep sack for safety needs. This is something that needs to happen even if you use the best transition swaddle

The transition from swaddles to sleep sacks can be smooth with the Zen Sack™ Classic. It’s designed to support your baby’s sleep patterns as they evolve. With its comforting pressure and snug, yet liberating design, your baby has the freedom to move and grow. 

Moreover, its safety profile is exemplary, offering a secure alternative to loose bedding which can be a concern in cribs.

The Different Sleep Sacks We’ve Created

The Zen Sack™ Classic weighted sleep sack offers a unique solution to parents seeking to gently transition their infants to more restful nights. This innovative sleep sack is a careful blend of security and liberty, designed to foster self-soothing and enable sound sleep.

Crafted with high-quality, 100% cotton, the Zen Sack™ Classic is breathable and soft, providing a comforting layer that's both secure and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. The natural fibers promote air circulation, reducing the risk of overheating, and cater to a good night's sleep all year round with a TOG rating of 0.5, adaptable for any season.

For babies up to 24 months, the Zen Sack™ is the safe alternative to loose blankets, which can pose risks in the crib. Its gentle weight mimics a soothing touch, positioned precisely to evoke the calming presence of a caregiver. This light pressure encourages babies to settle more quickly and sleep more deeply, essential for their development.

The Zen Sack™ Classic is not only thoughtfully designed for comfort but also for practicality. It features a two-way zipper to simplify diaper changes and adjustable snaps that extend its fit as your baby grows. And for the active tummy sleeper, the sack is reversible to accommodate their preferred sleeping position.

Beyond the Classic model, the Zen Sack™ line also includes the Zen Sack™ Premier, made from a blend of rayon derived from bamboo and cotton. 

This bamboo rayon fabric sleep sack combines the durability and natural comfort of cotton with the silky softness and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo, making it exceptionally suitable for maintaining a dry and comfortable sleeping environment, especially in warmer climates with its 0.3 TOG rating. That being said, we also have a winter sleep sack for those chilly seasons.

Parents have entrusted the Zen Sack™ with their little ones' sleep, and it has earned that trust with proven results. The feedback from over two million families suggests that babies begin to enjoy deeper and more settled sleep often within the first week of use.

Tips on Using the Best Swaddle For Baby Who Hates Swaddles

No matter which of our weighted sleepwear you go with you’ll be well on your way to putting problems with your newborn not sleeping or baby fighting sleep in the past. That being said, here are tips on using the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles to make the most of it.

Step-by-Step Guide: Achieving the Perfect Swaddle With Nested Bean

Perfecting your swaddle doesn't require a magic touch, just a little know-how. Lay the Nested Bean swaddle flat and fold the top corner down. 

Place your baby in the center, with their neck resting on the folded edge. Then, take one side of the swaddle and wrap it over your baby's arm and chest, tucking it beneath them. 

Repeat on the other side, ensuring that the swaddle isn't too tight around the hips. The Nested Bean's weighted pads mimic a gentle hand, providing an extra layer of comfort.

Temperature Regulation: Tips for Keeping Baby Comfortable

Overheating is a concern for many parents, but with the right material and technique, it doesn't have to be a worry. Our swaddle is designed with breathable fabric to help maintain a comfortable body temperature for your baby throughout the night. 

When swaddling, ensure the room temperature is kept at a comfortable 68–72°F (20–22°C), and dress your baby appropriately underneath - usually a single layer is sufficient. You can learn more about this in our guide on what to wear under sleep sack.

Pairing With a Routine: The Key to Swaddling Success

Consistency is key when it comes to swaddling and sleep. Integrate the swaddle into your newborn bedtime routine to signal to your baby that it's time to wind down. 

Whether it's after a bath or the last feeding, consistent use of the swaddle during these routine times can create a comforting association for your baby, making the transition to sleep smoother and more familiar.

Parting Thoughts on the Best Swaddle For Baby Who Hates Swaddles

It can be frustrating when your newborn won't sleep - especially when you’ve worked so hard to find them a quality swaddle they love. Noticing the signs baby doesn’t want to be swaddled leaves you perplexed as to what to do next. 

But, if your newborn hates swaddle wraps, you’re in luck. We’ve introduced you to the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles. It’s just a few clicks away at Nested Bean and ready to help baby sleep through the night, perfecting your newborn sleep schedule or baby nap schedule.

You can learn more about transitioning from sleep sack to blanket, when can babies sleep in their own room, when to stop using sleep sack, cosleeping, sleep training newborn babies, sleep regression, how to help a teething baby sleep, when do toddlers stop napping, baby separation anxiety, and more in our blog.

Otherwise, it’s time to elevate your child’s sleepwear with the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles. Shop now at Nested Bean and experience what a difference these can make for parents struggling with the realization their newborn hates swaddles!

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