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Top Ten Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts Every Parent Needs

You’re invited to a baby shower and want your gift to be helpful and unique. So, you’re searching for the most forgotten baby shower gifts. 

These gifts are some of the essential items that parents forget and guests don't ever think of in their excitement to get the next cute thing.

Most forgotten baby shower gifts by Nested Bean

No worries, we got you! Here are ten of the best baby shower gifts that every new parent needs but no one ever buys for a baby shower.

1. White noise machine

A white noise machine is one of those things you never knew you needed until you have a baby.

It may not seem like the most exciting baby shower gift, but hear me out. White noise machines are great for drowning out background noise that might otherwise wake a sleeping baby (neighbor's lawnmower, dogs barking).

2. Nested Bean swaddle

I’m going to let you in on a hot tip. There's one must-have item that often goes overlooked on new parents' wish lists: a weighted baby sleep sack.

And if you're thinking: "A weighted baby sleep sack? What is that?"  

It's a wearable blanket that has a small amount of weight sewn into a pocket in the chest area designed to mimic the sensation of being held.

We have talked to a ton of new parents, over 1 million, and found that most families experience better, longer sleep in just 1 - 3 nights of using the Nested Bean Zen One™.  

3. Wet/dry bag and changing pad (to-go)

Babies are so incredibly wonderful, but let's face it: they're also messy, especially in the diaper department (seriously, wow). 

It’s almost a guarantee that new parents will experience a diaper blowout while they’re out and about and need somewhere to clean up and put the mess — pronto! 

A travel changing pad is a perfect baby shower gift so they don't have to lay baby down on the ground or directly on top of a dirty changing table at a public restroom. 

Pair this with a stylish wet/dry bag to stash the dirty stuff until they get home. These wet/dry bags are made with a plastic-like material that wicks away moisture and doesn’t hold odors. That, and they last forever! 

4. Bathtub cushion/bath kneeler

When bathing an infant or toddler, new parents don’t consider how uncomfortable kneeling on cold bathroom tiles truly is.

Bath kneelers are made of soft, waterproof materials that provide ample padding when kneeling while bathing a slippery little one making bath time much safer and easier.

A bathtub cushion is a simple, yet incredibly useful baby shower gift that will make bath time more comfortable for new parents. 

They come in many different sizes to match the decor of your bathroom, so you can match your bathroom kneeler to their nursery decor.

5. Meal delivery e-gift card

New parents need all the support they can get from loved ones during this new and exciting time in their lives. 

And, a meal delivery e-gift card is an amazing way to take that burden off mom and dad during their first few weeks of parenthood.

Food delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash have taken the stress out of eating with a newborn by bringing meals right to your door. What new mom wouldn't love that?

6. Bottle cleaning basket, drying rack

The first few weeks of parenthood are busy! Learning to keep up with all of the feeding, washing, drying, and sleep schedules is exhausting. With so much to do and only two hands, parents could stand to have some cleaning support.

Gift parents-to-be something they really need: a way to keep up with their growing mountain of baby bottles and accessories.

Bottle nipples, removable valves, straws, pacifiers — all of these little pieces can be tossed into a dishwasher safe basket and cleaned without worry of being lost in the dishwasher. 

Add a drying rack to help keep baby gear separate from other dishes and air moving through. 

Because let’s be honest, bottles are about to take over their entire counter space, we might as well make them look organized and stylish. 

7. Milk storage equipment

All babies drink milk: this is a fact. But, you'd be surprised at the number of parents who forget to pick up milk storage bags or severely underestimate the number they’ll need. 

Providing your new mom with additional milk storage equipment will ensure that their milk will always have a safe and accessible storage location. 

Especially if the mom is planning on returning to work a few weeks after baby, having a good supply of freezer storage bags on hand is essential.

8. Back seat mirror

The first few trips driving with a newborn are so nerve-wracking! 

A back seat mirror is an awesome choice because it provides new parents with a sense of reassurance. 

The mirror attaches to any headrest and ensures that the driver can see the baby at all times.

It is the perfect way to see if your little one is snoozing soundly in the back seat, looking out the window, or playing with their favorite pacifier. 

9. A little something for mama 

New moms are always so grateful to receive items for their babies, but we think it's also a great idea to give something to the expected mother as well. 

New moms are preparing to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest and will need extra TLC while they recover. 

Consider a post-partum pampering gift such as a luxe robe, postpartum clothing, or facial ice roller. 

New moms can always use some extra pampering beyond Mother’s Day or a baby shower, so this something extra is sure to put a smile on their face. 

10. A little something for papa 

Giving a gift for the new father at the baby shower is a great idea because it shows that you support him and recognize his upcoming role as a dad. 

During those first few weeks with a newborn, there are not a lot of ways dad can help. Consider a practical, useful gift such as a baby document portfolio or men’s skin-to-skin bonding clothing.

That’s a wrap

I sincerely hope this list helps you find a helpful and unique gift that is just right for new parents and their bundle of joy. 

If nothing caught your eye, head on over to our article on the best baby shower gifts which spans every type of gift from sleep, play, health, equipment - and even what not to get.

Athena S.

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