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Newborn Baby Wants Hands Out of Swaddle: What to Do if Baby Breaks Out of Swaddle


baby sleeping in zen neo classic

Imagine: you've swaddled your baby, they seem to be going to sleep, you slip out to get some rest, and peek in five minutes later only to find that your little one has wriggled out of the swaddle blanket!

If your baby breaks out of swaddle it can get pretty frustrating for any sleep deprived new parent - especially if it seems to happen again and again for a few nights in a row without much of a clear reason.

It’s true that during the last month or two of pregnancy, a baby’s arms are always bent. Perhaps because of this, some experts insist that infants should be swaddled with their hands high up, which they say allows babies to can suck their fingers.   - Happiest Baby

Fortunately, it's easy to figure out a solution to your swaddling problems with a little troubleshooting. That's why we're here to explain what can lead to swaddle breakouts, and how you can prevent your Houdini baby from escaping in the future!

You’ll discover why your newborn baby wants hands out of swaddle and gain tips on how to handle the situation if your baby keeps breaking out of swaddle. Let’s not waste any time!

Why Your Baby Breaks Out of Swaddle

Breakouts can be caused by a variety of small issues in how you have swaddled your baby, or because of your baby's own natural physiological development - or sometimes a combo of the two!

For example, newborns have a natural instinct called the Moro reflex, or startle reflex, which causes them to stretch out their limbs and head most typically when they hear a sudden noise.

If your swaddle isn't fitting baby just right, you can imagine how easy it is for baby's startle reflex to cause them to burst out!


'Babies will fight the swaddle if it touches their cheeks. When a blanket touches the cheek of your hungry baby, it fools her into thinking it is the breast.

That can set off the rooting reflex and cause her to cry with frustration when she cannot find the nipple. So keep the blanket off the face, by making the swaddle look like a V-neck jumper.

This is a great way to keep your baby from breaking out or fighting the swaddle.'

- Dr. Harvey Karp, Happiest Baby


Here are a few of the most common reasons for your little one to be breaking out of their swaddle, as well as solutions for your problem of your newborn breaking out of swaddle.

Problem: Swaddle isn't tight enough

The most logical explanation for why a baby keeps breaking out of swaddle? It’s simply not tight enough. 

Though you might be concerned about wrapping your baby too tightly in their swaddle, leaving the swaddle too loose can actually be more dangerous, and lead to problems like the swaddle blanket covering your baby's face or head. Clearly, it can also mean that your baby breaks out altogether!

This is why you'll want to get a tight fit around your baby's chest. If you're using a product like our Zen Swaddle, which is gently weighted to soothe your baby by mimicking your touch, ensure that you can only fit two to three fingers between the blanket and your baby.

Alternatively, you can use something like our new Zen Neo, which in addition to having the gentle weight of all our other Zen Sleepwear provides a snug but stretchy fit without needing to worry about wrapping baby correctly in a traditional swaddle blanket!

Problem: Arms come out of swaddle

Another reason newborn breaks out of swaddle? The moro reflex. This is something often caused by the Moro reflex, or just by a baby who feels some slack and wants to wriggle their way to freedom!

If your newborn manages to get their arms out of the swaddle, it can diminish some of the benefits, especially as it means they can fully flail when the Moro reflex takes hold and wake themselves up in the night.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep baby's arms swaddled to their sides - straight arms are much trickier to wiggle out of the opening at the top!

However, if your baby is still getting wiggly when you swaddle them, they may prefer to be swaddled with one arm or both arms out, and that's completely fine!

In fact, our Zen One swaddle, with its detachable arm sections, is perfect for this, and for when your baby transitions away from swaddling in months to come. Discover what separates this from the other types of swaddles and why it’s the best transition swaddle in our blog. You can also learn how to swaddle with arms out in our blog.

Problem: Baby wants to put their fingers in their mouth


swaddle for baby who breaks out

Every parent will know that babies mouth everything; before they get more dexterity in their hands, it's their own way of finding out more about the objects around them!

And even when there's nothing nearby for them to mouth, they're likely to try to give their fingers a suck for comfort - even when they're cozy in their swaddle!

If your baby is ready to suck on their hands when they want to self soothe, you can try swaddling your baby with one arm out, either with a blanket like the Zen Swaddle or a sleep sack like the Zen One.

This way, they can have the soothing benefits of a snug swaddle (as well as the extra comfort of the gently weighted pad in our Zen Sleepwear) as well as their own self soothing technique to help them fall asleep.

Problem: Not loose enough around the knees

While you want to make sure that your swaddle blanket or sleep sack has a snug fit around the chest area, this isn't the case for baby's legs.

Babies need to be able to move their legs around during the night - if they're constricted, this can lead to problems like hip dysplasia (see the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for more information).

When swaddling your baby with a blanket, you'll need to make sure that they have room to freely move their legs within the wrap.

If you're using our Zen Neo swaddle pod, then you don't need to worry - it's designed to give your little one enough room to wiggle their legs without breaking free! Learn about the different swaddling techniques in our blog and how you can deal with this concern.

Problem: Baby getting too hot in the swaddle

During the summer months, or if you live in a hotter climate, you need to be sure that your baby isn't overheating, particularly when they're being swaddled

Some signs of an overheating baby include damp hair, a flushed complexion, feeling hot to the touch, having an elevated heart rate, and seeming confused or dazed. Understandably, if your baby is feeling too hot in the swaddle, they want to get out of it ASAP!

To counteract this, you can swaddle your baby in just their diaper when it's hot, or just reduce the number of layers they're wearing.

We also recommend our Zen Swaddle Premier, which is made of a breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo cotton blend that will help your baby sleep even in the heat! Learn more about how to dress newborn for sleep in our blog.

Problem: Time to stop swaddling

As your newborn grows and develops, they'll start to gain more muscle control, and as such will be able to move around much more.

Many babies like to practice these new skills at night, even if they're bundled up in their swaddles or sleep sacks, and once your baby starts rolling over independently, it's no longer safe for them to be swaddled due to the risk of suffocation.

When it's time to stop swaddling baby, that doesn't mean that you have to go completely cold turkey and that you can't enjoy many of the benefits associated with swaddling! We have a guide on how long do you swaddle a baby if you’re wondering when this time comes.

Our Zen Sack is a baby sleeping bag that has the same gently weighted technology as our other sleepwear, mimicking your soothing touch and helping your baby feel secure as they fall asleep, even if they aren't a complete baby burrito anymore!

It’s the best weighted sleep sack on the market, and the perfect next step of when you need to figure out how to transition out of swaddle. Discover the sleep sack benefits in our blog, along with tips on what to wear under sleep sack, how to transition out of sleep sack, and the difference between a sleep sack vs swaddle.

swaddle for baby who breaks out problem



If you're having trouble with a Houdini baby who won't stay put in their swaddle, there's plenty that you can do to make the fit more secure and prevent baby from wiggling out.

Our new Zen Neo provides a safe and secure fit for all kinds of newborns with its snug and stretchy material, and this womb-like sleep pod is still gently weighted to soothe your little one to sleep.

Final Thoughts on What to Do if Your Newborn Baby Wants Hands Out of Swaddle

Now that you know what to do if your newborn baby wants hands out of swaddle, you can feel confident in dealing with baby breaks out of swaddle. If your newborn breaks out of swaddle it’s important to observe their cues, transition gradually, and ensure their safety.

Remember to encourage self-soothing and remain patient as your baby adapts to this new stage of development. As you navigate this transition, stay attentive to your baby’s comfort and sleep patterns, and don't hesitate to provide extra reassurance to help them settle.

Find more tips on how to get a newborn to sleep in our blog. We have articles on topics such as newborn sleep schedule, baby nap schedule, what is a baby swaddle, benefits of swaddling, why swaddle baby, should I swaddle my newborn at night, dealing with the 6 month sleep regression, wake windows by age, when to stop napping, why your newborn cries when put down, and more.

Ready to make the swaddle transition smoother for both you and your baby? Explore the thoughtful, safe, and comforting designs at Nested Bean and find the perfect solution that grows with your child's needs. Shop now and embrace peaceful nights ahead if your baby keeps breaking out of swaddle!

Athena S.

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