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Zen Swaddle® reviews: Melanie & Aubrielle

“I’m not sleep deprived anymore!”

Melanie’s daughter, Aubrielle, was a good sleeper…except for one problem. She was only sleeping if Melanie was holding her. As soon as Melanie put her down, her daughter would wake up – which made for some very long nights.

Naps were also a struggle for Aubrielle (and Melanie). She was only sleeping for a few minutes at a time, if that.

Melanie explains her sleep challenges in the video below, and shares how the Zen Swaddle® was able to help their family start sleeping better. 

Sleep is incredibly important for babies and parents. And it’s crucial to make sure that everyone in the family is getting the sleep they need. Find out how many hours of sleep your baby needs every day.

Though she was skeptical, Melanie decided to buy a Zen Swaddle and give it a try. She noticed an immediate difference in Aubrielle’s sleep. She was sleeping longer stretches – up to 8 hours! – and going back to sleep easier after waking up to be fed.

Zen Swaddle®: Helping your baby sleep better and
longer in 1 to 3 nights

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Naptime was also improving. Those 2 minute naps turned into 2 hour naps, so Melanie was able to get work done during the day.

Before, both Melanie and Aubrielle were struggling when it came to sleep. The Zen Swaddle was able to help them get the rest they need.

Looking for more reasons to try the Zen Swaddle? Read Benefits of Swaddling.

If you’re having trouble with nap time too, learn how to get your baby to nap.

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Christina Alario

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