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Zen Blog

Babies are not handed over at the hospital with a how-to book but they do - kind of - come with a user manual. Parents just need to learn how to decode their mannerisms. Was that a smile or a...

Learn the importance of baby sleeping in a bassinet, reasons why your baby may be refusing to sleep and solutions so you can finally catch those zzz’s.
If something is proven to encourage bonding, better sleep, and less fussiness with your baby, would you give it a try? If you’re thinking, “Heck ya I would!” then read on. We’ve got the scoop on what baby massage is all about, why it’s beneficial, and how to incorporate it into your baby’s bedtime routine

Finding the ideal swaddle for your newborn becomes particularly challenging as summer unfurls its warmth and temperatures rise.  You want to keep your kiddo cozy and warm - but not too warm. The last thing you want is them overheating....

The Best Swaddle for Preemie Babies in 2024

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Welcoming a preemie into the world brings unique challenges, especially when it comes to finding the right swaddle that caters to their special needs.  Traditional swaddles often fall short for these tiny wonders, leaving parents seeking guidance and reassurance. Maybe...

Navigating the sea of baby sleepwear options can be overwhelming for new parents, each seeking the trifecta of safety, comfort, and durability for their newborn's restful nights.  You don’t want to settle for anything less than the best for your...

Best Weighted Swaddle For Newborn

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Sleepless nights don’t have to be the norm for new parents, contrary to what you may have been led to believe. The best weighted swaddle for newborns is your key to unlocking a peaceful night's sleep.  This type of swaddle...

Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

Paige Harvey

“Is the baby sleeping through the night yet?” Let's set realistic sleep expectations, learn common reasons babies won't sleep and how to help.

Ferber Method for Night Wakings

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Here at Nested Bean we know every baby, and every family, is different. Sleep training is not a one size fits all situation. From the pick-up-put-down method to the cry-it-out method, there’s a reason why the spectrum of sleep training methods is so expansive - not every method works for every child. So, we’ve created  resources to help break down the most popular, healthy sleep training methods. This time, we’re talking about the Ferber Method.