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Choosing to stay awake

To our community: 

My heart ached as I witnessed the violent incidents that continue to plague African American communities. As a mother of two Indian American boys I wondered what must go through the minds of moms and dads raising young Black children during these times. 

The ripples of the Black Lives Matter movement are being felt throughout the world today. But as the fists held up in solidarity are lowered and the banners of "why" black lives matter slowly taken down, I wonder what comes next? 

As we all go to sleep and wake up tomorrow, will the world go back to its ways or will this momentous event be etched in our minds and create a change for our generation and the next generations to see?

We are a sleep company, but we are choosing to stay awake. 

We are choosing to stay awake to the violence of racism, to the tragedy of injustice. We are choosing to stay awake to the healing power of compassion.

Nested Bean has been inclusive of all races and never tolerated injustice. However today, we resolve to be a part of a lasting change. We resolve to educate ourselves, be more inclusive in our conversations, listen to the unheard voices and participate in the social reform of young women and men of color. 

We have committed to make a one-time donation to the local Boston chapter of the NAACP Legal and Education Fund, and ongoing monthly donations thereafter to support various legal and educational reform projects.

We hope that our collective actions will pave the way for a more tolerant and inclusive future for all children and families. We hope that the world shows compassion that is stronger and deeper than the fear and hatred that took the lives of George Floyd and countless others before him. We hope that there will come a time when every family will sleep unafraid. And that is why we choose to stay awake.

With Humility, Compassion and Solidarity, 

Manasi Gangan

Founder, President - Nested Bean Inc.

Manasi Gangan

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