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Nested Bean Gets Featured in 2019 Google Economic Impact Report

My boys are 14 and 9. Google has been a part of their home and student lives for as long as they can remember.

Hey Google, “What’s the weather like? How should I dress for school?”

Hey Google, “Play ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams”

Hey Google, “Why is my brother so annoying????!!!”

 … questions and demands you would hear coming from their room if you spent a weekend at our home. And if you asked them ‘what’s with the last question?’, you’d get a simple answer:

“’Cuz Google knows everything!”

So when Google called to tell us they were going to feature Nested Bean in the Google 2019 Economic Impact List , as an e-commerce success story, we were pretty excited.  Out of 30,000 sites in Massachusetts who leverage Google B2B digital services, Nested Bean was chosen for the high growth we’ve achieved.

Marketing our Zen Sleepwear™ with patented touch technology has been an extraordinary journey—and Google has been by our side most of the way.

We began by selling our sleepwear in boutiques and retail chains—but soon realized that customers were not understanding the USP of our products. So we decided to tell our own story and educate parents to Nested Bean’s unique touch benefits.

We launched an e-commerce shop in 2016 with Google Analytics by our side. For the first time, we really began to understand our core segments, their customer journeys, and what messages resonated with them.

In 2017, after experimenting with Google’s ad platforms, we got a call from Google asking if we needed help with YouTube marketing. We were thrilled when they offered to do an original video for us.

‘Cuz Google knows everything!

Nested Bean has since leveraged that video content on all social platforms, including YouTube, and we’ve received rave reviews from moms who now better understand our products’ touch benefits. After three years of struggling to tell this very story, Google made it possible, helping us widen our impact and achieve our dreams. We’ve experienced exponential growth since 2016, both in domestic and international markets.

The impact that Google has had on our country’s economic growth by fueling entrepreneurial dreams is staggering. This giant has generated $335 billion in economic impact in 2018 alone helping local American businesses, website publishers, and nonprofits nationwide reaching new audiences and generating jobs.

It has helped cultivate ecosystems that help many large industries with sophisticated services and infrastructure offerings that span many levels of the technology stack. We look forward to joining with other growth-focused business from across the country to attend at the Google HQ in May 2019.

We love you Google! You do know everything!

-Manasi Gangan,

President,  Nested Bean


Updated June 4, 2019

Our Sr. Growth Strategist, Luke, and I had a blast a the #GrowWithGoogle business meetup in May! Thanks to the Google team for hosting us and helping us connect with other businesses across the country. Check out these pictures from our trip. 

Luke & I at Google HQ

Google gave some very informative presentations on how we can continue using Google tools to grow our business

Google HQ was full of fun, innovative design and architecture! 

It was fun meeting professionals from a range of industries and businesses



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Manasi Gangan

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