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98% of babies just had better mornings with this sleep tip

Mornings are a time when a parent and their child are able to bond and form their new relationship. Babies are more alert, confident and ready to form new skills during these prime hours. In order to make the most of this time, it is important to make sure that you and your baby are well rested. Giving them a better sleep the night before will ensure that you have better mornings together. 

bonding with dad

The benefits of sleep

Little brains develop during sleep

    • Your baby’s brain will double in size in their first year, and most of that growth and development will happen while they’re asleep.

Sleep promotes growth

    • Helps them reach the proper growth milestones
    • Strengthens their immune system
    • Keeps their cognitive development on track

Better sleep means better bonding

    • Keeps baby  on a manageable eat-sleep-play schedule
    • Storing memories and connections during sleep is how your baby will learn her name, what things are—and  who you are.
    • More smiles and less fuss

The secret to sweeter sleep

So how can you help your baby get the rest she needs--and set up healthy sleep habits? It’s not as hard as it seems . You can start by creating the right nap schedule for your baby and  being consistent with your  bedtime routine.  But, more and more moms are finding that the key to  successfully sticking to these schedules is: choosing the correct sleepwear:  A Zen Swaddle® or a Zen Sack™.  Gently weighted to mimic your touch, Zen Sleepwear™ is  the only infant sleepwear designed to produce longer, more peaceful sleep in 1-3 nights.

Sweeter Sleep Story

Love this product. My baby girl sleeps 6 hours straight every night and shes only 8 weeks old! This product is a game changer. Definitely recommend. Before using it I was lucky if she slept 2-3 hours at a time."

- Carly M, 9/7/2018

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Using Zen Sleepwear: 5 steps for bedtime success

  • Start early

    • Begin to wind down about an hour before your baby’s official bedtime by shutting of most bright lights and all electronics.
    • Zen tip: Dress  your little one in their Zen Sleepwear 10-20  minutes before they begin showing “sleepy cues”, such as yawning or rubbing their eyes.
  • Be consistent

    • Routines are very important to babies, especially when it impacts their sleep.
    • Zen tip: To help create sleep cues, make sure to put them in their Zen Sack or Zen Swaddle for all sleep times, including naps.
  • Create ambiance 

    • Mimicking the natural sounds and environment that your baby was used to in the womb will ensure that they are able to get a full night of deep sleep. You can achieve this by using blackout shades and a white noise machine.
  • Listen to your baby

    • If your baby did not have a great day of naps or seems overtired/fussy, listen to their cues and make bedtime earlier than usual.
    • Zen tip: Put your baby in their normal pajamas underneath the sleepwear, either a light cotton bodysuit or footie.
  • Extend your touch

    • Zen sleepwear: gently weighted to extend your touch
    • Zen tip:  A lot of parents often rub or pat the gently weighted pad of the sleepwear on their babies chest, just as they are beginning to fall asleep. This action will further associate your touch with the gentle weight in the product.

Remember, better morning bonding starts with  better sleep the night before. With these tips and Zen Sleepwear, you’re likely to notice the difference in 1-3 nights!

Zen Sleepwear: Helping your baby sleep better and
longer in 1 to 3 nights

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Jess Landine

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