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Baby Bedtimes + Age-by-Age Bedtime Chart

baby bedtime chart by age

Sometimes it’s hard to know when the ideal bedtime should be for your child. As a newborn, a set bedtime is virtually pointless, since your baby will be sleeping 75% of the time anyway. However, as your baby grows, you’ll find you can gradually migrate towards an earlier bedtime as they start sleeping for longer stretches as night. Our bedtime chart by age below shows exactly what those bedtimes by age should be.

Remember: A fixed sleep routine for babies brings down the level of stress in both the mother and child. Setting a healthy bedtime routine for your baby will go a long way. Just stay flexible and change the routine as per your child’s comfort level.
- First Cry

You can learn more about baby sleep, including why bedtime routines are important and when you can start to expect baby to sleep through the night here!


Duration of Sleeping Periods
# of Awakenings
0-6 Weeks
N/A 1.5-3.5 hours 4 times per night
6-15 Weeks
8-11 P.M. 2-4 hours 3-4 times per night
4-8 Months
6-7:30 P.M. 6-8 hours 0-1 times per night
8-10 Months
6-8 P.M. 9-12 hours None
10-12 Months
6-8 P.M. 10-12 hours None

Other bed time resources

Healthychildren.Org: Healthy Sleep Habits

Mayo Clinic: Toddler Health


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Athena S.

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  • Thankful for everyone sharing their tips and trials. My third child is 6 months..and doesn’t sleep well. He’s a serial napper. At most he’s slept 4 hr without waking. He also shares a room with husband and I, so until we can move, we may be dealing with he’s such a blessing, but I’ve learned after doing this for over a decade now, each baby is different
    He I my clingy baby, but he’s also the most happy when he is awake. Eventually they will sleep, unless there is an underline medical condition. I am uneasy about some who think their 4 month olds shouldn’t be waking more than once. Babies that young go thru growth spurrts, and still need help soothing, getting thru night. All my kids have been early risers 6 am and sometimes before. Earlier bedtimes best. They’ll sleep the same amount of she .mentioned here.

    Joy on

  • For those who were having issues, I would like to say I am on baby number two and what I can tell you is that just do your best. My oldest went from needing to be rocked to sleep or nursing to sleep to sleeping through the night in a toddler bed by 20 mo. It will come, just do your best. The one thing I have always been adamant with him is that he needs to be in bed no later than 7 as he is up at 6am and that really seems to be key for him. Now with baby number two he does so much better with self soothing. I came on here because he’s been waking fully around 1 am and been fussy during the day, letting him self soothe is brutal at that time and works but take a minimum of half an hour of him getting to the point of screaming. It’s hard on all of us and he shares a room with his big brother. I started to wonder if it was a sleep regression. I am glad to know that it is (he’s 8 mo) and how I can best deal with it. Life is going to get a little easier again now on all of us. I also had a look at ideal bedtimes and naps so that is super helpful as well. Thanks for sharing this.

    Ashley on

  • I realize every baby is different but oi, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Baby is 4 1/2 months old. Doesn’t go down until about 9. Try as I may, he passes out with his last feeding so I rarely can get him to wake up enough to self soothe. He has regressed and is up at least once a night. Thankfully had begun sleeping until 7.

    Erin on

  • My son is almost 9mths and still wakes up very frequently to nurse through the night!!

    April Woody on

  • Looking forward to setting up my baby for a successful nights sleep with the Zen Sack (the startdust grey) is just too cute too!!!

    Tanya Findlay on

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