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Zen Sack™ Reviews: Emily & Zoey

“This was a game-changer for us!”

Emily was suffering from some serious "Mommy Brain": her daughter Zoey, was only sleeping for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Checking Facebook for a solution to her sleepless nights, Emily came across the Nested Bean Zen Sack,™ which claimed to provide longer sleep in 1-3 nights. Although skeptical at first, Emily decided to give it a try.

Mom says...

“Those first few months can be rough; the sleep deprivation is just overwhelming. It’s just insane how your mind can go crazy when you’re sleep deprived; you’ll do anything to get that baby to sleep even just a little bit longer.”

Emily’s not alone: most new parents report that getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep can be a challenge. And babies need a good night’s sleep, too. According to the National Sleep Association, babies need 15 to 18 hours of sleep every day depending on their age. A lack of sleep can affect their development, mood—even brain function.

After 2 nights using the Zen Sack, Emily saw a big difference. Lightly weighted to mimic a parent’s gentle touch, the Zen Sack is specifically designed to help babies self-soothe between cuddles. So they get longer, more peaceful sleep. And so do their parents.

Mom says...

“The Zen Sack worked wonders... An hour or 2 of sleep extra every night…I mean that can make a huge, huge difference to your well-being, to how you function throughout the day, and to what kind of mom you’re able to be to your child.”

The Zen Sack can help your baby, too!

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Christina Alario

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1 comment

  • Thank you to nested bean for having such an amazing invention. This sack is wonders, my baby boy is 4 months and he was not sleeping more then 5 hours a night n waking up 2x a night. It has only been 2 nights that we have tried the nested bean sack and last night my baby slept 8 hours. Looking forward for tonight 👍 which will be a better night. Thank you a million times, sleep is everything.

    Valerie on

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