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2 month old sleep schedule

At 2 months old, your baby is still a newborn, so they’ll still be sleeping the majority of the time. However, towards the end of month 2, you might start to see more distinct sleep patterns taking form, which could include longer stretches of sleep at night.
Until then, your 2 month old will be sleeping up to 18 hours a day, staying awake for no more than 2 hours in between sleep times, so your sleep schedule should be planned accordingly. However, keep in mind that at this age, it’s better to implement a sleep routine as opposed to a schedule. A 2 month old sleep “schedule” might be too ridged for the age, while a 2 month old sleep routine will allow more flexibility, but will still introduce good sleep habits. Focus more on the routine’s activities than the timing – that will slowly come into play towards 3 months and older.

Starting to incorporate this bedtime routine will also help your baby figure out the difference between day time and night time. When they were only a few weeks old and sleeping the majority of time, there really was no distinguishing the day and night, but now you’ll want your baby to know the difference between taking naps, which grow shorter as your baby gets old, and going to sleep, which should get longer as your baby gets older. Having a set bedtime routine will help them realize that it’s time to say goodnight, not just take a mid-day snooze!

They’ll still need to be fed frequently, so don’t expect to be sleeping through the night quite yet. Short sleep intervals are still very common at 2 months old, but usually become longer around 3 months. Just take it from this Nested Bean Mom & mommy Blogger, Janene (Hello Ivory Rose):

“"Looking back, the first month was all about snuggling, waking a sleepy baby to feed, figuring out nursing, and surviving the 24-hour shifts. The eye bags were real and deep. It was hard. It was tough needing to be present for my older 3 kids that are still so dependent on me for everything. By 2 months old, things felt a little more consistent with the schedule but I was still so tired.”

Similarly, this Nested Bean mom, Karla E., was only getting her 2 month old to sleep for shorter periods at a time, but with the help of her Zen Sack, her little one started sleeping better:

“Before Nested Bean my daughter (2 months) used to wake up every 2 hours. The first night [with the Zen Sack] she slept 4 hours and now she sleeps 7 hours straight!”

2 months old is a transition time. Your baby is becoming increasingly alert and active, which is a very exciting time! But it’s also very common to start struggling with routine and short sleeping periods at this age. On the flip side, some parents start to see their baby sleeping longer stretches through the night – it’s going to completely depend on your baby. Most babies also experience a growth spurt right around 2 months old, which can lead to an extra sleepy and hungry baby.

Here’s our tips to keep in mind- and help keep your sanity- during this 2 month old transition time:

Every baby is different – perhaps your friend’s baby is already sleeping close to 7 or 8 hours through the night, and you’re still stuck waking up every few hours with your little one. Don’t worry, there’s nothing “wrong” with your baby. Since 2 months old is a transition period, every baby is going to make that transition at their own pace. Remember that these challenges (short sleeping periods, short naps, fussiness or colic during the “witching hour”, etc.) are all very common. Keep attending your regular check-ups with baby and of course consult your pediatrician if you think something is really wrong, but know you are not alone is these challenges – even if it might feel like it!

Don’t get hung up on timing – although 2 months old is the ideal time to start implementing a more predictable bedtime routine, don’t obsess over following a ridged schedule. Focus on implementing the same calming activities before bed to get a routine in place, and if you’re really craving some form of a schedule, start with focusing on wake-up time and the first nap of the day. While most of your day’s schedule will be a little erratic, you can usually start planning a set time for you and baby to wake up in the morning, and at what time they can take their first nap of the day.

There’s a lot to look forward to as your baby cruises through the 2 month mark. They’ll start to be more alert and their little personality traits will be coming out. You’re going to be hearing more giggles and grunts, and notice your baby discovering their hands and toes. You can learn more about your baby’s sleep during 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months here.

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