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Zen Blog

When a baby is born, their internal clock is still under construction. Basically, they’re still learning how and when to sleep. Breastfeeding plays a direct role in both yours and your baby's sleep—learn from a Board Certified Lactation Consultant when your breastfed baby will start sleeping through the night.

“This was a game-changer for us!” Emily was suffering from some serious "Mommy Brain": her daughter Zoey, was only sleeping for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Checking Facebook for a solution to her sleepless nights, Emily came across...

At 2 months old, your baby is going through plenty of changes that are going to set the foundations for healthy sleep habits well into adulthood. But right now, they might be driving you a little crazy with their wakeups...

5 Common Babywise Pitfalls

Christina Alario

Babywise has been considered a controversial book for babies, but there are ways you can implement some of the advice in a safe and practical way.  We've written about Babywise before, and about the cry-it-out method in general. And we...

4 Steps to a Non-Boring All White Nursery Normally, you probably wouldn’t think that an all-white color scheme would be a good idea for any room. But, Pinterest has proven us all wrong with STUNNING all-white nurseries that will seriously...

How about leaving your baby hanging in a hammock at bedtime? No, we don’t mean one tied between two trees, but in many South Asian countries, babies are sleeping in “cloth cradles” hung from the ceiling. Palnas are made from...